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Under the Radar: The Nike Air Max BW OG 'Persian

March 18, 2021 11:00 PM
Under the Radar: The Nike Air Max BW OG 'Persian

We are currently running the '10 Days of Air Max 2021', which will culminate in Air Max Day 2021 on 26 March. As part of this series, we will also be presenting popular and rare favourite pieces from the Air Max range. Naturally, we have already put the spotlight on the Air Max 1 and the Air Max 90. Traditionally, some silhouettes go through the roof, while other sneakers tend to stay under the radar of the masses. That's where we come in, because we explain everything you need to know about the underestated Nike Air Max Classics BW OG 'Persian'.

Nike Air Max Classic BW OG 'Persian'
Nike Air Max Classic BW OG 'Persian'

The Original: Nike Air Max Classics BW OG 'Persian'

The Air Max Classic BW again comes from the pen of Tinker Hatfield and uses the same air unit as its predecessor, the Air Max 90. In fact, the AM Classic BW expands its air window even further and therefore became colloquially known as the "Big Window" (BW).

Nike Air Max Tinker Hatfield Sketches

The Persian Purple OG release became particularly iconic. The sneakers featured a black base, white details and the signature purple highlights. In the USA, the shoe was initially particularly popular among long-distance runners and also established itself as a popular accessory in the R&B scene.

Nike Air Max Original

Back to the future

To really understand the shoe, let's take a brief look at how it came to be. Let's travel back to the year 1991. It was a big year for cultural developments: The popularity of the World Wide Web was on the rise, Nirvana released their influential album Nevermind, Terminator 2 hit the cinemas and Michael Jordan won his first NBA championship with the Chicago Bulls.

Tinker Hatfield once said of the Air Max range that each design was an attempt to surpass the success of its predecessor. For this, the Air Max BW received comparably little attention despite its special design. Perhaps world-changing events overshadowed the release of the fourth AM, or perhaps it was simply due to its famous brothers. But for many sneakerheads, collectors and fans, the Air Max BW is still an absolute classic!

Nike decided to offer the BW for international sale, which should have been followed by a massive marketing push. In contrast, its successor, the Air Max 180, was pushed with an innovative advertising campaign and raked in all the marketing spend, pushing the Air Max BW a bit to the sidelines.

Role of Gabber Culture

Gabber Szene und Nike Air Max Classic BW OG 'Persian'
Gabber Eleganza

The model also had a breakthrough in Europe, where the gabber culture was reviving at the time. The shoe had a major impact on the gabber scene. To be able to rave every night, comfortable shoes were a must have. Due to the Air Cushion Unit, the sneaker was perfect for going all night long. The shoe became part of the gabber uniform: a tracksuit and Air Max BW sneakers.

Re-Release 2021?

Nike Air Max Classic BW OG 'Persian' Releases

The Persian colour scheme was also released in 2000, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2013 and 2016. The 2000 version is considered the most faithful to the original, as all other versions had small variations in the size of the Air unit or the characteristic contour line on the upper. Nike also released a retro version of the silent classic for Air Max Day 2016.

This year the Nike Air Max Classics BW OG 'Persian' celebrates its 30th anniversary. So we're sure to see a re-release in 2021 and also more colourways.

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