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Trend sneakers at Snipes and the right cleaners to go with them

September 26, 2021 4:00 PM
Trend sneakers at Snipes and the right cleaners to go with them

Today I present you four sneakers that I found in the online shop of Snipes and that are currently in fashion. So let me surprise you, I think I have chosen some really cool sneakers. To make sure that the new sneakers remain an eye-catcher in your collection in the long run, we will also talk about some cleaning products and how to keep your sneakers clean. Let's not waste any time, because who knows how long the sizes will be available.

Nike Air Force 1 'Iridescent Swoosh' | DN4925-001

Let's start with a classic. Of course I decided on a Nike Air Force 1, but a simple 'white' colorway would be a bit boring. The Nike Air Force 1 'Iridescent Swoosh' convinced me and is definitely going in my shopping cart.

The sneaker was released on 24 August 2021 and costs €110 at Snipes. The shiny gold Swoosh on the smooth leather surface makes this Air Force 1 special.

Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Metallic Red' | 554724-122

The next shoe in my list is a Air Jordan 1 Mid in Colorway 'Metallic Red'. The sneaker was released on 6 April 2021, costs €120and is only available in sizes 43 to 46, so don't wait too long to get your hands on it.

Chuck Taylor All Star Lift High Top | 560845C

A top seller at Snipes is also the Chuck Taylor All Star Lift High Top in black. This shoe has a slightly thicker sole, which is often typical for a women's sneaker. The rest of the design is relatively simple and standard. This classic Converse costs €85 at Snipes.

Nike Blazer Mid 77 Move to Zero 'Glacier Ice' | DH4505-200

I've saved the best to the end. In my opinion, this sneaker has it all. Strong design, sustainable and a nice name. I am talking about the Nike Blazer Mid 77 Move to Zero 'Glacier Ice'!

The shoe is part of Nike's "Move to Zero" project, which focuses on the sustainable production of shoes and reducing waste. The materials used are recycled and sustainably produced, which also gives the shoe a very futuristic look. The exotic sneaker was released on 21 July 2021 and costs €100 at Snipes.

How do I keep my sneakers clean and what do I need?

I myself use the Products from DFNS, but there are also many other providers at Snipes such as Crep Protect, which I can also highly recommend. The most convincing thing about DFNS, which also excited me, is that the products are non-toxic and 100% biodegradable. Especially since the topics of sustainability and the environment are of great importance.

DFNS Protecor
DFNS Protector

Two products are a must in any case so that you can wear your sneakers without too many worries.

When you're out and about, it can always happen that your sneakers get wet and dirty or get grey stripes on the rubber sole. To avoid getting a shock in the future, I can only recommend the DFNS WIPES recommend. These are small cloths with one rough and one smooth side for cleaning your sneakers on the go.

To prevent stains and dirt, before you wear your shoes for the first time, make sure they have been treated with FTW Protector spray. The impregnation means that rain simply rolls off and most dirt can simply be washed off with water.

There are many more products to protect your precious sneakers, so take a look at DFNS at Snipes and pick out the ones you need.

Are there any other sneakers that interest you? Then be sure to check out our sneaker collection and our release calendar to stay up to date. See you there!