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Tommy Triggah x Morprime for KangaROOS & the European Connect Project

July 12, 2021 4:00 PM
Tommy Triggah x Morprime for KangaROOS & the European Connect Project

Sneakerjagers Brand Manager Tommy Triggah and Morprime have put their love for sneakers into the KangaROOS Racer Hybrid, dear community, and of course we can't deprive you of that. May we present: Morprime x Tommy Triggah x KangaROOS 'Inside Job'.

About KangaROOS

The American brand KangaROOS was founded in the 70s. It stood out for its good style right from the start, but that wasn't the only thing. KangaROOS changed its focus early on from sports shoes to lifestyle kicks. This was all realised by the American architect and KangaROOS founder Bob Gamm.

In 1979, like many runners, he faced a common dilemma: where on earth do you leave your keys when you go jogging? While he wondered this for a long time during his daily training, at some point he thought of the optimal solution. A storage bag on the side of the shoes would keep the keys safe!

He appropriately named his shoes KangaROOS, because kangaroos are indeed fast runners with a pouch, just like the shoes.

KangaROOS pocket voorbeeld uit een oude ad
KangaROOS example from an old ad

The brand was therefore exceptional because it was the only one to design shoes with pockets. So the combination of style and high functionality was a big distinguishing feature. Today, most Kicks still have a zipped pocket on the side, others also have a side pocket on the ankle where a small wallet fits. This idea is still very much appreciated on the German market today.

Incidentally, in 1991 KangaROOS was taken over by the Pentland Group from London and Bernd Hummel GmbH was given a contract as a so-called master licensee. This means that many KangaROOS sneakers and other collections are now produced independently in Germany.

European Connect Project

"ROOS lovers around the globe, stand together and unite! In times when the foundations of our society are severely shaken - Covid, Brexit, ongoing wars, you name it - we want to bring people closer together again, even if that is still almost impossible in real life."

KangaROOS shared the post above as an announcement of their new European Connect project. The brand has launched it to connect sneakerheads and connoisseurs across Europe. The aficionados then each come together digitally in teams of two. Together, they can then unleash their creativity on a MiG (Made in Germany) sneaker of their choice.

Morprime x Tommy Triggah x Kangaroos Inside Job

The goal is to bring people together who share a passion for sneaker culture, quality, design and sustainability. This is independent of hype and has purely to do with the love of shoes. Nevertheless, KangaROOS hopes that all four teams have created collector's items for all of us. They are convinced: "and honestly, we think they absolutely did!"

Morprime x Tommy Triggah x KangaROOS 'Inside Job'

Welcome to the INSIDE JOB

MORPRIME Industries™️ and their long-time friend Tommy Triggah, Sneakerjagers' own Brand Manager, have teamed up on the KangaROOS 'EUROPEAN CONNECT' project. It uses and unites their common love for the RUNNING heritage. They designed an extremely rare silhouette from the brand's extensive portfolio. Tommy Triggah and Morprime worked on the KangaROOS Racer Hybrid for this exclusive collaboration.

"We are the INSIDERS, this is a glimpse into the world as WE see it."

Morgan and Tommy
Morprime x Tommy Triggah x KangaROOS 'Inside Job'
Morprime x Tommy Triggah x KangaROOS 'Inside Job'
Morprime x Tommy Triggah x Kangaroos Inside Job sneaker

The modern makeover is a world first in terms of colours and materials. The Morprime x Tommy Triggah x Kangaroos 'Inside Job' sneaker released on 11 July 2021. The kicks are available from €250. You can also see more details at Tommys Instagram Page. It pays to be quick, because there will only be 500 pairs worldwide!

Morprime x Tommy Triggah x KangaROOS 'Inside Job' | 4721A-000-3006

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Morprime x Tommy Triggah x Inside Job sneaker coming soon

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