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Win an €800 voucher: Vote for Footshop in the adidas EURO Style Cup 2024

April 22, 2024 11:50 AM
Win an €800 voucher: Vote for Footshop in the adidas EURO Style Cup 2024

In the run-up to the 2024 European Football Championships, adidas has launched a cool competition where different retailers have submitted their own football shirt designs, dear community. Sixteen different European retailers are competing for the EURO Style Cup in the CONFIRMED app. We have now reached the semi-finals, and from 22 April 2024 at 12.00pm, you can vote for your favourite in the app for a spot in the final.

The design of Footshop

One of the selected retailers to compete and reach the semi-finals is Footshop. Footshop is the only team from Central Europe and they wanted to reflect that in their design. The shirt includes subtle nods to Prague and the Czech Republic, with elements such as Prague's iconic streets in black and grey, and the vibrant atmosphere of Letná - a district where sports, skateboarding and music come together.

On the front of the shirt, two special details immediately catch the eye: a red chevron and a metronome, both subtly incorporated into the emblem on the chest. These symbolise Letná's constant movement. On the back, 'EURO 96' has been chosen as the number and name tag, in homage to one of the Czech football team's most memorable moments.


Win an €800 Footshop voucher

By voting for Footshop's design in the semi-final, you have the chance to win a Footshop voucher worth €800. Your vote could make the difference for Footshop to win the adidas EURO Style Cup and make their unique design shine worldwide.

How can you help Footshop win the adidas EURO Style Cup?

  • Download the CONFIRMED app if you have not already done so
  • Log in with your existing account or create a new account
  • Vote for Footshop's shirt design
  • Take a screenshot of your vote and send Footshop a message on Instagram. You will then have a chance to win a Footshop voucher worth €800!