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Timeless Nike classics that continue to inspire

August 21, 2023 8:15 AM
Timeless Nike classics that continue to inspire

In the fashion world, trends pass by rapidly; what's in today can be out of fashion as soon as tomorrow. But with various Nike sneakers, you're always on the right track. The brand unveiled its initial designs in 1971, and to this day, we continue to witness the resurgence of several classic models. Think of the Nike Air Jordan 1, which made its exclusive appearance for Michael Jordan in 1984 and received a global release in 1985, or the Nike Air Max 1, which came about two years later. People all around the globe still stroll around wearing these timeless Nike classics.

In this article, we delve deeper into the Nike Air Jordan 1, Nike Dunk, and Nike Air Max 1, three Nike classics that have stood the test of generations and still hold a special place in the hearts of sneaker enthusiasts across the world, even after all these years.

Air Jordan 1
Image by Focus On Sport / Getty Images

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Nike Air Jordan 1

Nike Air Jordan 1 history

In 1984, Michael Jordan donned the Air Jordan 1 on the court in the colours of the Chicago Bulls, a move that wasn't particularly well-received. According to NBA regulations, the shoes needed to be 51% white and match the footwear worn by the rest of the team. Failing to adhere to this policy resulted in a $5,000 fine per game.

However, the Air Jordan 1 was only 23% white, putting it in conflict with the NBA policy. Nevertheless, Nike agreed to cover each fine, generating a lot of publicity around the shoe. And as we've come to expect from Nike, they skillfully capitalized on this with a campaign.

Nike anticipated selling 100,000 pairs in the first year. Instead, in the initial six weeks, 1.5 million pairs were sold. To this day, the Air Jordan 1 'Bred' and 'Chicago' designs continue to enjoy unparalleled popularity.

Image by Nike

One of the most legendary events in MJ's career and in the history of the Jordan 1 occurred during an exhibition game on 26th August 1985 in Italy. During the match, Jordan executed a spectacular dunk, shattering the glass of the basketball hoop into pieces. In that remarkable moment, he was wearing the Air Jordan 1 'Chicago', which later sold for a staggering $615,000.

Nike Air Jordan 1 as we know it today

Jordan retired in 2003, but to this day, new colorways for the Air Jordan 1 continue to emerge. This ensures that people keep recognizing the sneakers, and at the same time, there's always a fresh supply available that aligns with current trends.

Furthermore, numerous unique collaborations contribute to enhancing the popularity of this trainer. Consider, for instance, the collaboration with Travis Scott, wherein the rapper added a reversed Swoosh to the original design.

Images by Nike

Moreover, we can't get enough of the partnerships with Off-White and Dior. The latter is available through resellers such as StockX for a whopping $12,000, underscoring once again the immense popularity of this silhouette.

Nike Air Jordan 1 colorways

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Nike Dunk

Nike Dunk history

Similar to the Nike Air Jordan 1, the Nike Dunk was also designed by Peter C. Moore. The Dunk was released in 1985, specifically for the National College Athletic Association (NCAA). As part of Nike's 'Be True To Your School' campaign, 7 colorways were designed for prominent universities at the time. Representing the most popular college basketball teams, these sneakers quickly became favorites among fans and fellow students.

Although the Dunk enjoyed initial success, this triumph began to wane rapidly. The swift technological advancements at Nike caused the silhouette to become outdated and overshadowed by models like the Air Max 1, Air Jordan 3, and Air Jordan 4. In 1999, after a 14-year period, Nike decided to reissue the original 'Be True to Your School' colorways.

Dunk high
Nike Dunk 1985 | Image by Nike
Dunk High
Be True To Your School | Image by Nike

A significant milestone in the Dunk's history followed shortly thereafter, in 2001, when Nike partnered with one of the most beloved brands in streetwear: Stüssy. This marked the very first occasion when the Dunk collaborated with a brand.

Although the sneaker was no longer prominent on the basketball court, the Dunk found a new audience among skaters. In 2002, the first Nike SB was released, featuring a thick tongue, padded collar, and Zoom Air cushioning.

dunk sb
First Nike SB Dunk collabs with Reese Forbes, Richard Mulder, Gino Lannucci and Danny Supa | Image by Nike

Nike Dunk as we know it today

It wasn't until 2019 that the Nike Dunk truly made its mark in sneaker culture, as we witnessed a plethora of diverse collaborations. In 2020, Travis Scott put his own spin on the silhouette with a suede upper and paisley canvas overlays. Virgil Abloh introduced the 'Dear Summer' pack, consisting of 50 distinct colorways, even incorporating variations in lacing systems and materials.

California-based StrangeLove Skateboards also gave the Nike SB Dunk Low a Valentine's Day makeover, transforming the shoe into a richly velvet creation in shades of pink and red. To this day, Nike continues to unveil new Dunk colorways.

Virgil Abloh Lot 1 - 10
Virgil Abloh Lot 1 - 10 | Image by Nike
Travis Scott Dunk
Travis Scott Dunk | Image by Nike

Nike Dunk colorways

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Nike Air Max 1

Nike Air Max 1 history

In 1987, the Air Max 1 made its debut, an iconic sneaker designed by Tinker Hatfield. The most conspicuous feature of this shoe was the introduction of a visible air unit in the heel, a groundbreaking innovation in Nike's history.

Although the Air Max 1 wasn't the very first sneaker to incorporate the technology – that distinction belongs to the 1978 Nike Air Tailwind – it set itself apart with the visible air unit. This marked a notable innovation compared to the previous trainer, where the air unit wasn't visible.

Tinker Hatfield
Tinker Hatfield
Images by Nike

However, this choice wasn't warmly embraced by everyone at Nike; many didn't grasp the rationale behind creating a sneaker with the interior exposed. Despite the criticism, Hatfield and his design team persevered with the development of the shoe, leading to the creation of the first prototypes in 1986.

Image by Nike

However, the design team swiftly discovered that the midsole was deteriorating rapidly due to the substantial window exposing the Air Unit. Ultimately, they chose to slightly reduce the size of the window revealing the Air Unit. This way, the air technology remained within the shoe without compromising the solidity of the midsole.

This innovative design and groundbreaking technology swiftly propelled the Air Max 1 to become a favorite among both sneaker enthusiasts and athletes worldwide.

Nike Air Max 1 as we know it today

Having just celebrated its 35th anniversary, the Air Max 1 has evolved into a cultural icon. The visible Air Unit in the sole wasn't solely an innovative technical achievement, but it also generated a distinct visual element that renders the trainer recognisable to this day.

Furthermore, collaborations with fashion houses, artists, and performers have contributed to the versatility of the silhouette, ensuring the sneaker's relevance for diverse generations.

Nike x Parra
Parra x Nike | Image by Nike
Nike x Patta
Patta x Nike | Image by Sneakerjagers

Nike Air Max 1 colorways

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Timeless Nike classics

In this article, we've delved into a few timeless Nike classics, such as the Nike Air Max 1, but of course, there are many more iconic models to explore. Consider, for instance, the Nike Cortez and the Nike Air Force 1. If you're interested in learning more about these sneakers, simply click the button below!

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