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This is what's behind Nike's 'Toasty Pack'

September 23, 2021 12:00 PM
This is what's behind Nike's 'Toasty Pack'

Suitable for the cold months, Nike released a new sneaker pack with the unusual name 'Toasty Pack'. Not only the name of the pack is special, but also the look of the six new kicks. All models are designed to keep your feet warm and dry in Autumn and Winter, or in other words "toasty".

Another special feature that has to be mentioned is that the 'Toasty' collection is part of Nike's "Move to Zero" project. This means that all models on offer are made from sustainable and recycled materials. So let's go ahead and rattle off each sneaker one by one.

Nike Air Force 1 'Brown Kelp' - Toasty Pack | DC8744-301

Of course, how could it be otherwise, there is also the Air Force 1 in the pack and directly in 4 versions. The Nike Air Force 1 'Brown Kelp' is not only the first in this list, but also on the first place of my shopping list.

The padded nylon in brown and beige not only gives the AF1 an outdoor look, but also makes it look all-weather. The shoe will be released on 5 November 2021 at 09:00.

Nike Air Force 1 'Oil Green' - Toasty Pack | DC8744-300

The Nike Air Force 1 'Oil Green' uses the same materials as the 'Brown Kelp' and only differs in colour. The surface is dark brown and olive green in places. This sneaker will also be released on 5 November 2021 at 09:00.

Nike Air Force 1 Low 'Toasty' | DC8871-200

Let's continue with the Nike Air Force 1 Low 'Toasty'. Unlike the models before it, this one has a mix of the padded nylon and leather and is almost completely packaged in the colours beige and dark brown. Unfortunately, I can't tell you exactly when this shoe will be released, as no date has been set yet. Keep an eye on our release calendar for the drop!

Nike Air Force 1 '07 LXX 'Toasty' | DH0775-200

The Nike Air Force 1 '07 LXX 'Toasty' is a bit more colourful. On the heel and on the side of the laces, there are spots in a bright orange that catch the eye. The release date is also unknown here.

A striking feature of the Toasty Pack is that all Air Force models have soft fur on the inside.

Nike Dunk High 'Toasty' | DN9909-100

We've done it, all the Air Force 1s are checked off and we can now move on to a Nike Dunk High.

The Nike Dunk High 'Toasty' is the only high sneaker in the pack and visually has a bit of all models. The colours beige, green, white and dark brown meet here and the materials are mixed again. I'll keep this short and sweet: no release date yet!

Dunk High Toasty

Nike Dunk Low Toasty Pack - Blue | DD3358-400

We also expect two low models of the Dunk in the Toasty Pack. The rough leather surface of the Nike Dunk Low Toasty Pack - Blue is, as the name suggests, an icy blue colour. The release date is still a question mark, but if you follow us on Instagram, you will be kept up to date.

Toasty Dunk

Nike Dunk Low Toasty Pack - Green | DD3358-300

The last shoe in this list is the Nike Dunk Low Toasty Pack - Green. Visually it is identical to the 'Blue', but the colorway is green with a very striking orange Swoosh. I have to repeat myself, there is no official release date yet.

What all the sneakers in the pack have in common is the tag on the side of the shoes. Here we see the Nike lettering and the Sustainable logo. There are also rumours about further models in the Toasty style. As soon as we have news for you, you will find it immediately in our Sneaker News.

Dunk Toatsy