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This is the new Nike Dunk Low 'Flip The Old School'

February 25, 2021 9:00 AM
This is the new Nike Dunk Low 'Flip The Old School'

Originally released in 1985, the Nike Dunk has seen a major comeback in 2020, which looks set to continue into 2021. This time Nike is coming out with a new quirky style, the Dunk Low "Flip The Old School". These Dunks are based on the Dunk High "City Attack" pack from 1999. There is no release date yet, but we have all the details for you!

Nike Dunk Low 'Flip The Old School'

The Nike Dunk Low 'Flip The Old School' Highlighted

The two shoes are mismatched, in a way that they are actually reverse of each other: the right shoe has a white base, with a purple overlay made from ostrich leather with a bumpy texture. The left shoe has the colours reversed, what is white on the right is purple on the left, etc.

But, not only that. The Swooshes are also upside down. In addition, the logo on the left shoe is also in mirror image. The shoes are still somewhat linked to each other by the use of the same textures in the same places, such as the use of ostrich leather, but also by matching purple and white outsoles/midsoles.

The final special detail is that, like the Air Force 1 'Keep 'Em Fresh', these dunks are wrapped in boxing paper. On the Dunk Low "Flip The Old School", the paper shows original illustrations of a crew wearing Dunks. In addition, it says "Flip the Old School" on the heel. When the wearer decides to remove the paper from the shoe, before wearing the Dunks, the design of the tissue papers is still permanently visible in the soles.

There is no official release date and price known yet for this Nike Dunk Low "Flip The Old School". However, there is speculation that it will be announced along with the previously discussed Air Force 1 "Keep 'Em Fresh" this spring. Keep an eye on our news page to always be on top of the latest news, and download our app to get notifications with every drop!