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These are the latest Nike Air Force 1 Shadow models for women

June 26, 2021 4:00 PM
These are the latest Nike Air Force 1 Shadow models for women

Hey sneaker family! Nike has been feeling the summer vibes just like us and has been working on some great shoes lately. Most notably, many special Air Force 1 Shadow have come out in the last few weeks and months. With all the new options, it can be difficult to choose. That's why I've decided to present all the latest pairs in a neat overview, so you can better decide which model, or even which models, will make it into your shoe closet.

Nike Air Force 1 Shadow

The Nike Air Force 1 Shadow model is an update of the classic basketball design of the Air Force 1 silhouette. Several layers have been added, getting a shadow so to speak. Among them is the branding, which is repeated. In addition, the midsole has been given a chunky style in a layered look, giving the infamous AF1 DNA even more life.

Nike AF 1 Shadow 'Cashmere' | CI0919-700

One of the latest Nike Air Force 1 Shadow models is this version in the 'Cashmere' colorway, featuring Cashmere, Pure Violet, Pink Oxford and Pale Coral. This pastel sky is just beautiful and I can tell, dear community, because I own this beautiful pair! Honestly, they're even prettier in real life, with a cream base to match the soft pastels. Cop this pretty pair here before they're gone:

Nike Air Force 1 Shadow 'Cashmere' |  CI0919-700

Nike AF 1 Shadow 'Summit White' | DM3034-100

Next up we have two more clean pairs that came out recently. The first version is the 'Summit White' pair, which is all white except for the logo, heel tab and Swoosh. The yellow that makes up the highlights here is citrusy and reminiscent of summer days. Also because the yellow is so subtle, these shoes can still be perfectly combined with most looks.

Nike Air Force 1 Shadow 'Summit White' | DM3034-100

Nike AF 1 Shadow Gold | DM3064-100

We also have this colorway in white/metallic silver/metallic gold. This is the pair for those who want that extra bit of sparkle. Get your new glamour look here:

Nike Air Force 1 Shadow Gold | DM3064-100

Nike AF 1 Shadow 'Pastel' | CU8591-104

Another pair that I own myself! So, I may be biased, but these are really great too. The colours are a little more muted in real life and again come in beautiful pastel shades. You want them too? Then click on the button to find a list with all the shops, prices and sizes:

Nike Air Force 1 Shadow 'Pastel' | CU8591-104
IG: Onestreet_store

Nike AF 1 Shadow 'Team Red & Volt' | CU8591-600

The 'Team Red & Volt' colorway is one of the more colourful pairs Nike has released recently. The Air Force combines different shades of red, orange and pink and makes it work just beautifully! Also, some neon yellow details have been added. Get these kicks with character here:

Nike Air Force 1 Shadow 'Team Red & Volt' | CU8591-600

Nike AF 1 Shadow 'Coconut Milk' | CU8591-102

Finally, we also got the 'Coconut Milk' colorway for the Shadow's. What do you think of the beige colour trend that Nike has been pushing lately?

Nike Air Force 1 Shadow 'Coconut Milk' | CU8591-102
IG: vzuti_store

Bonus: Nike Air Force 1 Pixel 'Light Stone' | CK6649-104

Okay, admittedly, we're cheating a bit here because the Pixel version is of course not an Air Force 1 Shadow. However, I just didn't want to deprive you of this great look.

This colorway was also released recently and the natural Light Stone/Summit White/Pale Coral/Light Bone colour theme provides cool vibes, but in a subtle way. Find all retailers here:

Nike Air Force 1 Pixel 'Light Stone' | CK6649-104

Do you already know which pair you want to get? To see all Nike Air Force 1 Shadow models, check out our Sneakerjagers search engine.

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