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The unique history of the Patta x Nike Air Max 90 'Homegrown' (2006)

March 22, 2021 9:00 PM
The unique history of the Patta x Nike Air Max 90 'Homegrown' (2006)

Air Max Day 2021 is just around the corner! To celebrate Nike's legendary Air Max range, we've launched our '10 Days of Air Max', where as part of the event we take a look at the most legendary Air Max models in history. One model that definitely deserves a spotlight is the Patta x Nike Air Max 90 'Homegrown'. Let's go!

Patta x Nike Air Max 90 'Homegrown' (2006)

Let's take a little trip through time! We are in the year 2006 and take a look at Amsterdam, the beautiful capital of the Netherlands. A certain label called Patta gets the chance to design an Air Max 90 and so begins the story of the "Homegrown" colorway, which was produced as a promotional model for the Dutch music label "Top Notch" and was to be released with the launch of the hip-hop platform State Magazine.

Patta, now a huge name in the sneaker world, was still a fairly new store at the time, which got the chance to design a sneaker for and with Nike for the first time. To understand the special design of the collab, let's take a brief look at the history:

Your #TheCrew Background Check

The Dutch boutique with the now famous name of Patta opened its doors for the first time in 2004. The label was founded by Edson Sabajo and Guillaume 'Gee' Schmidt.

At first, the whole thing was more of a hobby and was simply meant to provide the boys and their environment with good street and footwear! By the way, the two were well-known names in the Dutch hip-hop scene in the late 90s and early 2000s. Common interests, a close friendship, a lot of travelling and contacts with other people - all this laid the foundation for the Patta we know today!

The brand quickly made a serious name for itself in the streetwear scene and in 2006, as we already know, they were given the honour of designing a Nike sneaker. The Air Max 90 was chosen as the model and the aim of the design was to give the kicks their own touch under the sign of Dutch streetwear and hip-hop culture. The sneaker was released in connection with the launch of the Dutch hip-hop magazine "State Magazine" and Patta was responsible for the design.

There was also a very unusual promo video, which you can watch here. Unusual, because the kicks have a 'exciting theme' - as you can read below. So the first unofficial collab between Patta and Nike was born and we all know what a collaboration between the two means these days: Hype! Because by now Patta a big role in the worldwide sneaker culture.

The Patta x Nike Air Max 90 'Homegrown' (2006) in Detail

Let's review: Patta from the Netherlands and the hip-hop platform State Magazine, a green sneaker and the name 'Homegrown'. At the latest now it is 420% clear that the kicks are a reference to the drug culture in the Netherlands and Amsterdam. The green colorway is derived from cannabis and comes with a special pattern on the overlays. The green is complemented by orange details, which is another allusion to the Netherlands. A nice detail is the cork insole.

The silhouette of the special collab is also characterised by high-quality materials! For example, suede, leather and smooth nubuck were used. A white outsole and orange accents on the Air window complete the look. For many sneakerheads there is no doubt: The Patta x Nike Air Max 90 'Homegrown' is one of the best AM90s ever!

Even today, a full 15 years later, the kicks are still on resell at platforms like StockX for example, with prices at up to €1000. Here you can check out the current prices at StockX.

Patta x Nike Air Max 90 'Homegrown'

Not quite within your budget? With our partner Hyprints you can get a fancy portrait of the special Patta x Nike Air Max 90 'Homegrown' for just €25. Click on the photo to go directly to the offer.

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Patta Air Max 90 'Homegrown' Bild