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Sneaker FAQ

The Ultimate Sneaker FAQ 📖 These 10 Sneaker Terms You Should Know

September 15, 2021 9:00 AM
The Ultimate Sneaker FAQ 📖 These 10 Sneaker Terms You Should Know

Many of you readers would certainly call yourselves real sneakerheads, but are you also familiar with the many different terms and abbreviations from the sneaker game? WOYFT and TTS are just two of the many sneaker terms that we and every sneakerhead around the world have to deal with on a daily basis.

We explain everything you need to know here to be optimally prepared in the world of sneakers and in addition in your circle of friends for sure ensures the right aha effect!

Sneaker Begriff #1 - WOYFT?

What does WOYFT mean?

One or the other of you has certainly already become acquainted with this acronym. Mostly seen on various social platforms, this term is often used on or under pictures that show an actual photo of the sneaker that the person is wearing on his/her foot at the moment the picture is taken.

With this term and the final question mark, a very specific question is posed to the community or followers:

WOYFT? = What's on your feet today?

Sneaker Begriff #2 - LPU

What does LPU mean?

The second of our sneaker terms, which we bring you closer, is again an acronym. That is, a "word" that consists of several initial letters and thus forms a kind of abbreviation. LPU is also like WOYFT? a term that is mainly seen on posts in social media.

The term LPU is actually always associated with a picture of a sneaker or a pair, because the acronym LPU lets the viewer of the photo know that it is his/her most recently purchased pair to date.

LPU = Latest Pick Up

Sneaker Begriff #3 - TTS

What does TTS mean?

And already the next acronym! This time, however, it's not just any sneaker term that can be found almost exclusively on social media. We are also almost certain that many of you have already had to do with this abbreviation.

At the latest, if the general size tables do not match for a particular model, but you still need to know how the shoe turns out and what size you now need to buy for the perfect fit.

An example would be the following:

You search the internet for how the Nike Air Max 90 fits to know whether you need to buy a half size larger or smaller. You can find this in a forum or on the homepage of Sneakerjagers:

  • The Nike Air Max 90 turns out TTS.

This tells you that you don't have to be afraid and can trust Nike's size chart in this case, because the Nike Air Max 90 turns out "True To Size".

TTS = True To Size

Sneaker Begriff #4 - General Release

What does General Release mean?

Now we explain you sneaker terms, with which especially we have to do in our blogposts, which we write for you daily. Almost every day there are new sneaker releases and a few of you is still not clear what the difference between a general release and other releases is. Therefore, immediately from us the explanation:

The term "General Release" literally means "general release". In short, however, a sneaker release is only titled with the term General Release if…

… the sneakers are released without any occasion (e.g. Anniversary, Re-Release, SNKRS Day).

… the sneakers do not drop in collaboration with other brands, designers or the like.

Examples of General Releases include:

Sneaker Begriff #5 - Retro- / Re-Release

What is a Retro- / Re-Release?

Two sneaker terms that we explain together here, but could hardly be more different in meaning. For longtime sneakerheads and/or collectors, the difference between a retro release and a re-release is almost like night and day.

An exaggerated example of the striking difference a retro release can have from a re-release is offered by the Atmos x Nike Air Max 1 'Safari'. In the following we show you the first worldwide release from 2002 and as a comparison the release of the supposedly same shoe from 2016:

Atmos x Nike AM 1 'Safari' (2002) |
Atmos x Nike AM 1 'Safari' (2016) |@theoze

Was the 2016 release a re-release or a retro release of the 2002 original?

The small but subtle difference between the two models can be seen on the base and outsole of the shoes, suggesting that the 2016 release was a retro release.

Retro releases celebrate past releases of a particular model and bring them back to the scene with minor changes from the original.

Re-releases, on the other hand, celebrate the comeback of a particular model in its original form. At most, there are minimal changes in the use of materials here.

Sneaker Begriff #6 - Quickstrike

What is a Quickstrike?

This term also describes the way a new pair of sneakers is released. A Quickstrike or QS release is a limited edition pair of sneakers where the quantity is small and the kicks are only available at a few retailers, for a short time and without prior announcement of the release.

Sneaker Begriff #7 - Leak

What does Leak mean?

If you follow us on the official Sneakerjagers account on Instagram, you already know exactly what we're talking about! Sneaker Leaks are insider info and/or photos of sneakers that have not yet been released or even announced by the brand that produced the pair.

As the word might suggest (leak), insiders get information or pictures directly from the brand's ranks that are actually not allowed to be published yet.

However, you can usually guess that many brands intentionally do not fix these "leaks" or even make them possible in the first place. Thus, the hype before the release is of course even bigger!

Sneaker Begriff #8 - Mock-Up

What is a Mock-Up?

One of the sneaker terms that almost always goes along with the leaks is the word "mock-up". A mock-up describes in most cases a graphically created image, which should represent the entire design of a future sneaker release, usually with a template of a leak.

Mock-ups are almost always created only when a leak shows only individual, small details of a sneaker, for example, and no other images of the shoes are available yet.

A good example of a recent mock-up (as of 12/09/21) with a leak submission is the recently spotted Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low, which has only been seen in paparazzi photos on the feet of his daughter Stormy:

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low Leak an den Füßen von Tochter Stormy
Leak | @ph__community
Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low Mock-Up
Mock-Up | @ph__community
Sneaker Begriff #9 - Bootleg

What does Bootleg mean?

The easiest way to explain this is with an example. Let's take Nike:

There are some people who have fulfilled the dream of their own sneaker brand with Bootlegs. When producing their kicks, however, they have to specifically make sure that none of Nike's patented marks are visible. So the Swoosh has to go everywhere. In addition, they have to pay attention to a good amount of change in the design. At least enough so that a notary can show enough distinctions so that one cannot speak of an illegal counterfeit.

What is a Replica?

In the world of sneakers, the word replica describes a pair of shoes that has been "replicated". Replica is therefore an abbreviation for the word "replication", which usefully translated means "exact copy".

So here we are talking about a detailed copy of a sneaker. This, as we all know, is illegal and will be prosecuted. So stay away from replicas! Because even if you buy these copies, you are liable to prosecution if it is clear that the purchase is a fake.

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