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The Ultimate Nike Air Max Plus FAQ 👀

June 20, 2021 9:00 AM
The Ultimate Nike Air Max Plus FAQ 👀

The Nike Air Max Plus is so popular nowadays and heavily represented on the streets. It's safe to say that it's one of the few iconic shoe designs that has organically permeated multiple subcultures. For more than two decades, the sneaker has had a huge fanbase. That's why we're taking a closer look at it below:

Air max plus
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The sneaker is perhaps better known as the TN due to the Tuned Air system in the sole, but more on that later. This is especially the case in London, where its initial fan base wore the shoe with only a few lace lace holes and inflated tongues. If you wanted to stand out, there were few comparable options on the market at the time.

The return of the Plus's popularity in recent years means that updated premium editions, such as the NikeLab releases and the successful transition to slimmed-down Ultra tooling, have gone down well with a younger generation of sneakerheads.

How do the Air Max Plus turn out?

The Air Max Plus is true to size. If you have wider feet, consider whether the Air Max Plus 3 would be preferable for you, as the wider sole might make your everyday life more comfortable.

Men's Sizes at Nike (Air Max TN)

Men's Sizes Nike Air Max TN

Women's Sizes at Nike (Air Max TN)

Women's Sizes Nike Air Max TN

Kids Sizes at Nike (Air Max TN)

Kids Sizes Nike Air Max TN

What does TN mean at Nike, or what does TN stand for?

The TN on the Nike Air Max TN stands for Tuned Air. But why does the shoe have two names? It was rebranded by Nike, but this was never officially released. The characteristic TN logo can be found on the tongue as well as on the heel.

At first, however, the designer had not included the hexagonal symbol in his designs at all. He was almost satisfied with his sketches when he learned that he had to place it prominently. "I was not aware that we had to use the logo. But they told me that it was super important and that we had to place it prominently."

Who designed the Nike TN?

Sean McDowell designed the Nike AM Plus even before he actually started at Nike. "I was thinking and drawing while relaxing on the beaches of Florida. That was sometimes my most creative phase," he recalls of his holiday. Right after he was hired at Nike, in 1997, he did not shy away from the challenge of creating a running shoe. He himself was a passionate runner, so he also knew what potential wearers would value.

The shoe was to incorporate the Air innovation under the working title Sky Air, which in turn used two opposing hemispheres to improve cushioning technology. Previously, 15 designs had already been rejected by the retailer.

What are the real names of the Shark Nikez?

If you ever come across the term Shark Nikez or Shark Nikes, they're probably referring to the Nike Air Max Plus. In fact, designer Sean McDowell was inspired by a whale, not a shark. The tail fin of the giant mammal is reflected in the upper of the shoes. "That whale fin sticking out of the water is just iconic," says McDowell. However, one of the OG colorways was also colloquially called Shark.

What is the Nike TN inspired by?

Many elements from nature inspire the design of the Nike TN. These include, as already mentioned, the tail fin of a whale, but also the palm trees and the beautiful Florida sky.

"I drew a sunset - one in blue, one in purple. I experimented with different colours and sky variations. Some palms turned out a bit more technical and very geometric, others wafted," the designer reports.

Where can you buy the Nike Air Max Plus?

Because the silhouette is so popular, you can buy the Air Max Plus at any major retailer. Did you know that the model is the result of a collaboration between Nike and Foot Locker? You can also check out all the models in our sneaker collection, where you'll also get a detailed overview of all the shops.

When did the Nike Air Max TN come out?

The Nike Air Max TN silhouette first appeared in 1998 and was released under the name 'Plus'.

 nike air max plus sketch

When are the new Air Max TNs coming out?

New Air Max TNs are released all the time. In our Sneakerjagers Release Calendar we inform you about all upcoming releases.

Which Nike Air Max TN models are available?

In the meantime, the shoe has served as the basis for many other models and designs. These include the Nike Air Max Plus 2 and Air Max Plus 3 as well as the Air Max Plus 97, which is a hybrid version of the Plus and the 97 Air Max. There are also other different variants: Air Max Plus TN SE, Air Max Plus TN RF, Air Max Plus TN EP or the Ultra as well as a Premium Edition.


Nike Air Max Plus 3

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What are the first OG colorways of the AM Plus?

The OG colorways are 'Tiger' and 'Hyperblue', and also released in 1998 were the 'Luna Blue' for WMNS and 'Pimento'. It's not entirely clear which one was the first shoe. If you ask the sneaker scene, you'll get different answers. In addition, the grey one has the nickname 'Shark'.

McDowell himself recalls: "We didn't have colour experts at the time and the first three shoes were a really important part of the story. The first shoe was dusk, the second was almost completely black with some red [it used the Jordan XIII's reflective mesh] and was meant to evoke the stars in the night sky. The third shoe featured bold orange and yellow to symbolise the sunrise the next morning."

OG Air Max Plus 'Tiger'
OG Colorway AM TN
Air Max Plus OG

What were the best collabs on the Nike Air Max TN?

The best collab on the Nike Air Max TN was Nike's collaboration with Supreme. Two shocking colorways were released in 2020. A white colorway was also released in Japan.

Die besten Collabs auf dem Nike Air Max TN
Supreme x Nike Air Max Plus

What technology is in the Nike Air Max TN?

The TN also features the legendary Air Max cushioning technology, which is now a standard feature of the shoe. In addition, the sneaker brought a few new features, including the eye-catching sublimation print (which is responsible for the colour gradients on the upper).

The special outsole in the process also benefited from McDowell's devotion to detail. "I highlighted the individual hemispheres in the rubber because you didn't really see them on the inside. So if you weren't aware of it, you didn't know about the new technology."

What are the most hyped colorways of the Nike Air Max TN?

The most hyped colorways of the Nike Air Max Plus are the following. You can also be sure that you will get all hyped releases and restocks at Sneakerjagers. To be on the safe side, download our Sneakerjagers app so you don't miss out on anything via push notifications.

How much does the AM Plus cost?

The TNs usually cost between €140-€170, but you can always get your hands on them in a sale. Especially at Foot Locker, where there are many great models with good deals on them. If you have very small feet (up to size 40) you can also buy shoes for older children at the normal price of €140.

Which models are based on the AM TN?

As already mentioned, the Nike Air Max Plus 97 is a hybrid version of the two Air Max models. In the VaporMax Plus, Nike also combines the sensitive design of the TN with that of the VaporMax. The version mimics the upper of the older shoe, while the sole unit convinces with a VaporMax Air tooling throughout. The new 'VM' logo alludes to the VaporMax identity, of course.

How do you lace up the Air Max TN?

We can answer this question quite simply. In our lacing guide, we present and explain four different ways to lace up your kicks.

Lacing Guide für den Nike Air Max Plus