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The ultimate New Balance 9060 FAQ

May 20, 2023 8:00 PM
The ultimate New Balance 9060 FAQ

When a footwear designer creates a new lifestyle silhouette that has a reference to the brands' history, it's often a bit of a struggle. You have to create something that pushes the brand's lifestyle line in a new direction without losing the design stories it stands on.

At a brand with a rich history like New Balance, this can be quite the task. With over 100 years of heritage, the brand has made quite a name for itself. Today we are looking at one of the newer pairs of New Balance. None other than the New Balance 9060.

New Balance
New Balance

Inspired by some of New Balance's most iconic shoes, the New Balance 9060 reinterprets familiar elements from classic 99X models. This, is warped with sensibilities inspired by the futuristic and visible tech aesthetic of the Y2K era. This all together creates a comfortable and stylish sneaker that pays homage to New Balance's rich heritage.

New Balance history

It all started with a young English immigrant named William Riley in 1906. You may not believe it, but Riley's first inspiration were the chickens in his backyard who stood on three claws but still achieved perfect balance. With this inspiration, he created arch support and prescription footwear to alleviate the foot pain of people working on their feet all day.

A few decades later, in 1938, New Balance created its first-ever running shoe. A spiked model with an upper of leather. This shoe was given to a local running club named the Boston Brow Bag Harriers. The special running shoe, designed by Riley had a crepe sole and was made of kangaroo leather.

Now we jump forward to the 1960s. Many crazy things happened in the 60s. Kennedy got shot, Nixon sent the troops to Vietnam, and in the year 1960 did New Balance create the Trackster. It's the first shoe available in different width's and gets lots of positive feedback. From there, New Balance kept on growing till the brand we know and adore today.

New Balance

Fast-forward to the year 2023. William J. Riley may have passed away and is not capable of seeing his creation, but he would be proud of the growth of the sneaker brand that he created. New Balance has become one of the most well known sneaker brands in the world. Some of the most iconic sneakers in the community have been from the brand with the large N on it.

The Ultimate New Balance 9060 FAQ

What is the inspiration behind the 9060?

Drawing from the heritage of the 990 series and the high speed of 2000s running shoes like the 880v2. The 9060 has many inspirations.

When did the 9060 first release?

The New Balance 9060 was first released in a 'Mindful Grey' colorway on the 16th of July in 2022. The sneaker was released in New Balance stores in Australia, The US, and all around the globe.

How does the New Balance 9060 fit?

The New Balance 9060 fits true to its size. You should take your usual size in the shoe. Unlike some other New Balance models, you'll find that because of its chunky build, it's not as narrow as some other styles. So no need to size up.

How do you lace the 9060?

You can always lace it the way you want. But to get the best look, you should lace the sneaker without lushes and quite wide, so the laces aren't too long.

What colorways of the 9060 are available?

There are many different colorways available off the New Balance 9060. If you want to check out which ones are still there, you can go to our sneaker searchengine.

Is the 9060 a comfortable sneaker?

Comfort is one of the main focuses of New Balance. So without a doubt is the New Balance 9060 a comfortable sneaker.

How do I style the 9060?

The New Balance 9060 is quite a chunky but very stylish sneaker. The sneaker could go with some nice baggy jeans or cargo's for everyday wear, to the gym with some sweatpants. For a more formal look, you can wear de sneakers with a nice pair of trousers. The possibilities are endless with the NB 9060.

Where can I buy the New Balance 9060?

There are many different sneaker shops that sell the New Balance 9060. For a list of retailres, you can always check out our sneaker search engine. Here, you can see all the retailers that sell this sneaker.

Any questions?

That's it for our New Balance 9060 FAQ. If you have any more questions about the sneaker or any other silhouette feel free to ask us through our Instagram.

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