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The Ultimate Converse All Star FAQ

January 21, 2023 9:18 AM
The Ultimate Converse All Star FAQ

Welcome to the Ultimate Converse All Star FAQ, where we answer your most frequently asked questions about the silhouette.

Probably everyone knows the famous Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sneaker- which, by the way, is the full name of the silhouette. The sneaker is worn all over the world by young and old. But how did this silhouette become so iconic? Let's start with some history.

Converse All Star FAQ

The history of the Converse All Star

The Converse Rubber Shoe Company was founded in 1908 by Marquis Mills. He began developing shoes with rubber soles - hence the name. In 1917, the company began developing a shoe specifically for basketball players. The company did relatively well during this period, but the number of shoes sold was not particularly impressive.

Converse All Star FAQ
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That changed when Chuck Taylor joined the company. He saw great potential in designing the shoe for basketball players. Chuck Taylor was a basketball player for the Akron Firestones at the time and was known for his smooth words and unique marketing ideas. So he became an ambassador for Converse.

So it's thanks to Chuck Taylor that this shoe was then worn by so many basketball players. Because he had contributed enormously to the success of Converse, the brand decided in 1932 to name the iconic shoe after Chuck Taylor: The Chuck Taylor All Star was born.

The Ultimate Converse All Star FAQ

Now you know enough about the Converse All Star to score points with your friends and acquaintances! Let's start with your most frequently asked questions.

What are some other abbreviations for general Converse All Star?

In the USA, the Chuck Taylor All Star is also known as 'Chucks', 'Cons' or 'Connies'. In any case, the most common name is 'Chucks'.

How do Converse All Star turn out?

The Converse All Star runs a little larger. Therefore, we would advise you to order half a size smaller. If you wear a size 39, for example, you should order the Converse All Star in a 38.5.

Where can you buy Converse All Star?

You can buy the Converse All Star in almost all sneaker stores because the model is so popular. In our sneaker search engine you can simply enter the name of the model and we will show you where the sneaker is available, how much it costs and in which sizes it is still available. It's easy!

When did the Converse All Star come out?

The Converse All Star was pretty much one of Converse's first silhouettes. It wasn't until Charles 'Chuck' Taylor, a basketball player for the Akron Firestones, started working with Converse that the Converse All Star was renamed the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star in 1932.

Converse All Star FAQ
Are Converse All Star on trend?

Converse All Star have always been trendy and probably always will be. The design and materials haven't changed much since 1923 and yet the sneaker is still super popular. The relatively simple kick uses canvas for the tongue, the upper, the lining and the heel cap. This material is not only very easy to clean and robust, but also lasts forever. A cult sneaker!