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The story behind the Terrace sneaker trend

September 16, 2023 1:55 PM
The story behind the Terrace sneaker trend

Sneakers have long ceased to be just sporty shoes you wear while exercising. They have evolved into a cultural phenomenon, a fashion statement and a way to express your personal style. Terrace sneakers are among one of the most notable trends in the world of trainers. But what exactly are these Terrace shoes and where did this trend come from?

The origins of Terrace trainers

The term 'Terrace sneakers' comes from 'Terrace culture', a subculture originating in the UK. This culture is mainly associated with football. Terraces, or standing areas in football stadiums, were once the places for football fans when there were no seats to watch a game. This is where not only the passion for the sport was born, but also a unique fashion culture!

Terrace trainers are thus inspired by the style of these football fans from the 70s and 80s. They represent the casual and relaxed look that was popular among supporters who were on the pitches. This type of shoe can therefore usually be recognised by its retro design and use of high-quality materials.

Terrace sneakers on feet

Why are Terrace trainers so popular?

The appeal of Terrace sneakers lies in their nostalgic and timeless look. They bring a sense of retro style and can be easily paired with different outfits. So whether you are an avid football fan or just looking for a stylish and comfortable kick, Terrace trainers offer a versatile choice!

Moreover, what is striking is that this trainer trend does not appear to be just a short-lived hype. In fact, all indications are that these shoes will remain fashionable for some time to come. Brands like adidas, which have a strong history in the segment, therefore continue to regularly release new models and designs that keep the trend alive.

Social media and celebrities

Other key factors that have contributed to the meteoric popularity of the Terrace trainer trend is the influence of social media and celebrities. These modern forces have accelerated the trend, spreading it not only to hardcore fans but also to a wider audience.

For instance, numerous mood boards dedicated to these shoes appear on Pinterest, Instagram is full of inspiring outfit photos and you can find several styling videos on TikTok that show you how to incorporate these trainers into your everyday look.

And besides, it is no secret that celebrities act as trendsetters and have formed a strong foundation for this craze. After the likes of Bella Hadid, Jonah Hill, Harry Styles, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were spotted wearing Terrace trainers, fans quickly embraced the same style.

Harry Styles met adidas Gazelle tijdens optreden
Harry Styles (Twitter)

adidas and PUMA dominate Terrace trainers at the moment

While Nike undoubtedly remains one of the biggest players in the trainer industry, adidas and PUMA are the brands that dominate the market when it comes to terrace sneaker designs. These two German sportswear companies have had a strong influence on the trainer market for decades, and their involvement in the Terrace trainer hype is no exception.

With its rich history and deep roots in the casual and sports market, adidas has played a leading role in defining the Terrace sneakers trend. The brand has a wealth of classic models that perfectly fit the nostalgic aesthetic of this style. Think iconic silhouettes such as the Gazelle, Samba and Spezial.

But PUMA has thus also released an impressive range of retro-inspired trainers that fans of this style are sure to appreciate. With their own unique approach, the PUMA Colibri, Delphin and Super Team are also among the sought-after trainers.

Popular Terrace sneakers of the moment

Whether you're an OG sneakerhead or just looking for a new, timeless shoe style to add to your wardrobe. The Terrace trainers are definitely worth considering. They bring a touch of nostalgia and stylish simplicity to your everyday look, while paying homage to a rich culture.

So let's take a look at some of the popular Terrace sneakers of the moment!

adidas Samba

adidas Samba OG 'White' on feet
adidas Samba OG 'Black' on feet

First up we have the adidas Samba, without a doubt the must-have trainer of the moment. Collaborations with leading brands such as Wales Bonner, Kith and Sporty & Rich underline the Samba's unprecedented popularity.

Despite the plethora of different colorways available, the understated 'White' and 'Black' versions still retain their status as our personal favourites!

adidas Gazelle

adidas Gazelle Indoor 'Collegiate Green Lucid Pink'
Sneaker District
adidas Gazelle Indoor 'Blue Dawn'

Another timeless favourite is the adidas Gazelle. The sleek silhouette has a premium suede upper and is characterised by its minimalist design with adidas' signature 3-Stripes.

Would you like to make a fashion statement with your trainers? Then check out the 'Collegiate Green Lucid Pink' and 'Blue Dawn' colorways!

adidas Spezial

adidas Originals Handball Spezial 'Collegiate Navy'
adidas Spezial Handbalschoenen 'Core Black'

The adidas Originals Handball Spezial made its debut in 1979 as a specific design for handball players. But since then, the adidas Spezial model has become a much-loved streetwear trainer, mainly because of its vintage and retro look, as well as the high-quality materials from which it is made.

Our two favourite adidas Spezial colorways at the moment are the 'Collegiate Navy' and 'Core Black'.

PUMA Colibri

Puma Colibri OG Puma Team Royal
Puma Colibri OG Black

Like its namesake, the Colibri OG stands out for its vibrant look, with a striking contrasting upper and Formstrip. This shoe was originally introduced in 1979 as a versatile training shoe designed for various sports. Today, however, it has a status primarily as a retro sneaker.

Go for a striking colorway like the 'Team Royal' or a more subdued look like the 'Black' colorway.

PUMA Delphin

PUMA Delphin 'Dark Jasper-PUMA Gold'
PUMA Delphin sneakers 'Puma Black-Pumpkin Pie'

The PUMA Delphin is another classic model that emerged in the 1970s. This timeless sneaker with immense appeal bears similarities to the Bluebird model, especially in the construction of the upper. The eyestay extends to the front of the shoe as a toe overlay, giving it an almost bowling-like look.

In addition, the 'Dark Jasper-PUMA Gold' and 'PUMA Black-Pumpkin Pie' are beautiful versions to add a touch of distinctive style to your look!

PUMA Super Team

Puma Super Team OG 'Puma Black'
Puma Super Team OG 'White'

The PUMA Super Team trainers made their debut in 1982 and were re-released in 2020. This new edition offers a modern take on the original model, with contrast stitching running through the midsole to ensure a firmer connection to the upper. It also retains the signature gummi cup sole with a separate heel piece, paying homage to the original design originally developed for handball goalkeepers.

Go for the 'PUMA Black' and 'White' colorways for a timeless style that can be effortlessly paired with any outfit!

Check out the Sneakerjagers release calendar for upcoming terrace trainer designs!