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The PUMA Unity collection: Sport unites us!

July 12, 2020 11:50 AM
The PUMA Unity collection: Sport unites us!

With their new Unity collection, our friends from PUMA are not only bringing out great clothes and sneakers, but also an important message to the world! The collection celebrates the sporting heritage and power of sport that unites our world and all of us. Sport unites, creates cohesion, values and has the power to bring people together worldwide. PUMA not only wants to promote this with the Unity collection, they are going one better and promise to donate a total of USD 200,000 to the UN solidarity fund COVID-19.

Great action, don't you think? Probs go out to PUMA ?! We are all part of our big world and sport is an important link here. Brand with the cat of prey is committed to ensuring that we can all continue to play sports and watch sporting events in the future. Sport has such a great power to unite people, to create cohesion and this must be protected and promoted!

“As a brand and with our athletes and ambassadors we are one team, united in sport, forever together. In these unprecedented times, we need to be united - because we know that together we are much stronger than apart.”

Adam Petrick, Global Director of Brand and Marketing at PUMA.

The collection will celebrate its release on Monday, July 13, 2020 and will be available on the PUMA website, in the stores and at selected retailers!

The new PUMA Unity collection in detail

We think that's great and therefore we support PUMA with pleasure and as good as we can! You want to take part in that too? Cool! Then let's have a look at the collection together and check out the highlights!

PUMA's new Unity collection is unisex designed and consists of clothing, shoes and accessories. Simple, black and white designs are combined with an exciting makeover using colors taken from international flags. In addition there are some lettering and highlights, which we will present to you in detail in a moment. Here you can get an overview:

PUMA Unity Collection

Let's start, of course I almost want to say, with the sneakers of the collection. There we get a Future Rider, a Ralph Sampson, a RS-2K, a RS-X³ and a Cali Sport. So PUMA is sending many of their hottest models around the world. Visually, the sneakers come in neutral basic designs, mixed with a color palette of blue, red, yellow and green! Really good styles with an even better message!

Use the button or the pictures to get to the respective sneaker and find a list of the shops that sell it and all information about prices and sizes you need!

PUMA RS-2K Unity
PUMA Unity Kollektion RS-2K

Puma RS-X3 'Unity'

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PUMA RS-X3 Unity
Unity Kollektion mit dem PUMA RS-X³

You can already see it in the picture. The clothes of the collection fit really well to it. Among other things we get a TFS Track Suit, a TFS Track Top, a TFS Top, some sweatshirts, jackets and pants and two nice TFS Graphic Tee - cool!

The water-repellent TFS tracksuit comes across really nice with the PUMA logo and the mentioned colors! We also find printed draw cords and gold metal fittings. The TFS Graphic T-Shirt will be available in white and black. You can see the white one on top of the photo and the black shirt will have the words "On all five continents" on the front next to colored accents and the PUMA logo.

PUMA Unity Track Suit
PUMA Trainingsanzug

Sport has the power to unite the world

Some more accessories? Then we have a backpack, a cap and a belly bag pack in our range! The backpack is made of vegan leather and comes, like the other accessories, in black with colorful accents. On the cap we also find again the writing: "On all five continents". And the belly bag has the colors and the lettering, together with the PUMA logo on its band.

A great collection, an even better message and all in all just really good work from PUMA ! Just a reminder: The collection will release on Monday, July 13, 2020 at PUMA on the website, in-store and at selected retailers around the world! Click on the button to go directly to the PUMA site and you can buy it on Monday.

To the respective sneaker you come here also again: So there you find as usual in each case a list of all retailers and all information to the purchase which you need:


Puma RS-X3 'Unity'

Available at 4 webshops
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