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PUMA brought back the iconic Speedcat

July 13, 2024 4:04 PM
PUMA brought back the iconic Speedcat

Bringing back classic sneaker models seems to be very popular in 2024 - so is the PUMA Speedcat. The model first hit the market in 1998 and has been firmly established in motorsports ever since. Now, the PUMA Speedcat seems to be settling into the lifestyle scene as well.

History PUMA Speedcat

The PUMA Speedcat has a rich history. Designed specifically for Formula One drivers, the silhouette has been deeply rooted in motorsports since 1998. A year later, PUMA partnered with Italian company SPARCO.

PUMA Speedcat 2024
Image PUMA

More than 20 years later, the PUMA Speedcat is not only an integral part of many generations of motorsports but the sneaker is also worn as a lifestyle model. Thanks to its innovative and elegant design, the Speedcat can be called an actual OG.

PUMA Speedcat 2024

Especially for the re-release of the Speedcat, PUMA is collaborating with sneaker retailer Naked Copenhagen, a store that focuses mainly on women in sneaker scene. The sneaker is presented in a special campaign starring stylist and designer Sierra Rena.

The campaign pays tribute to the Speedcat's legacy and presents the silhouette as a symbol of empowerment. Just as every driver fights for pole position, the campaign honors what it takes to be a female leader.

Starting June 20, 2024, the PUMA Speedcat will be available at PUMA and from 29th June 2024 you can also buy the colorways at select retailers. You can find a detailed release overview in this article!

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