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The Nike Día de Muertos Pack is a homage to the family

October 12, 2020 1:01 PM
The Nike Día de Muertos Pack is a homage to the family

Dear Community, it's time again for some very special Nike designs to match the upcoming holidays. The Día de Muertos Pack by Nike is designed as a tribute to the family, because Día de Muertos or Day of the Death is the day of the dead in Mexico. For this reason, Nike drops this very special pack on 15 October 2020. We can look forward to sneakers like the Air Max 90, the Nike Daybreak, the Nike Blazer Mid and the Air Jordan 1 in a very special look combined with great colours!

What that looks like, we want to take a closer look at today! The special design elements on the sneakers are inspired by traditional Mexican marigolds. In addition, there are special colours, materials and prints on the kicks and another special feature is the slogan 'Para Mi Familia'. The four shoes feature a colourful tribute to the family members who are still present and also to those who have already passed away.

Air Max 90 Día de Muertos

The first sneaker from the pack I would like to introduce to you today is the Air Max 90, the iconic Nike model gets a really chic new look, with great colours and elaborate patterns. In combination with the white laces and the white midsole this is a really great look. When you look at the other sneakers of Nike's Día de Muertos Pack this style is the most colourful.

From Thursday 15 October 2020 at 09:00 am you can get the kicks for 150€. You can see all retailers by clicking the button:

Nike Air Max 90 Día de Muertos

Nike Blazer Mid Día de Muertos

The blazer from Nike also gets a Día de Muertos makeover in a class of its own. The currently extremely hip silhouette features a rather simple style. The white upper has different, very fine prints, which can be seen for example on the swoosh. The tongue and heel of the trainer are black, which offers a great contrast.

From 15 October 2020, at 09:00 am you can get the kicks here for 120€.

Nike Blazer Día de Muertos

Nike Daybreak Día de Muertos

The Nike Daybreak is also a must for such a special pack. The dark blue swoosh with the yellow pattern is especially striking. Otherwise we get a white upper with some colourful accents and also different materials like leather and mesh are used. On the heel of the kicks there is the slogan 'Para Mi Familia'. This means translated 'for my family'.

After the drop on 15 October the sneakers will cost you 90€:

Nike Dazbreak Día de Muertos

Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Día de Muertos'

A Jordan 1 Mid also made it into Nike's Día de Muertos Pack. The white leather upper comes with the typical colour scheme of the pack and features a special Swoosh that looks like a sewn-on Swoosh. Familia, that's what it says here on the Toebox and sets an extra accent.

From 15 October 2020 at 09:00 am you can buy this special Jordan for 130€:

Air Jordan 1 Día de Muertos