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The Nike Air Max Timeline: Part 3

October 31, 2020 8:16 AM
The Nike Air Max Timeline: Part 3

If you have come across this blog, I imagine you've already read the first two parts of the Nike Air Max Timeline? If not, then do so by all means. Because there you can learn a lot about the history of the well-known Air Max from Nike! In our Newsblog you will find the whole series.

Let's go:

1998 - Nike Air Max Plus

Florida, the place where Sean McDowell first imagined a sneaker inspired by the beach. Palm trees sway, the colour of the sunset and the seal are translated by the design of the Air Max Plus. It is so ironic that the sneaker has proved to be the most popular in gloomy London. And why? Maybe the sneaker was a lively form of escape!

1999 - Nike Air Max Deluxe

The Nike Air Max Deluxe is inspired by the European rave culture that was all the rage in 1999. The upper material is completely covered with digitally printed neoprene. Like a rave, the trance-inspired trainers have been created to be loud, lively and youthful at the same time.


2003 - Nike Air Max 2003

The first major release of the 00s was a breath of fresh air after the chaotic aesthetics of the late 90s.In addition, the Nike Air Max 2003 is monochrome, clean and well shaped. A slimmer alternative.

 Air Max 2003 timeline

2006 - Nike Air Max 360

The Nike Air Max 360 is a powerful silhouette based on an Air unit that is visible from every angle. Hence the name "360"! It reflects a time when the ability of a shoe to be used in sports was very important.

Nike Air Max Timeline

2017 - Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit

The refined future, the Nike with the Air Max in 2003, finally came 14 years later than the Vapormax Flyknit. But it was worth the wait! The Vapormax is a design by Kathy Gomez, and the first time that the Air Unit stands alone as the sole of the sneaker. Combined with a Flyknit upper, the feel and fit of the Vapormax is unique.

BV6483 001

2018 - Nike Air Max 270

In the year 2018 Nike goes back to the designs of the early 1990s to stimulate future-oriented ideas. Ideas to follow the constantly growing interest in lifestyle sneakers. The result: a retrofuturistic sneaker that arouses interest among the brand-new Generation Z consumers.

AH6789 100

2019 - Nike Air Max 720

The continuation of the 270, the space look of the Air Max 720 and the bulky Air unit. Incidentally, the highest airbag in the Air Max Timeline. Through its details, it forms one of the most exciting sneakers of the 21st century.

CT2204 001

2020 - Nike Air Max 2090

The latest model in the range is inspired by the legend Air Max 90, where past meets future. The reworked Air cushioning makes the wearing comfort even a little bit better. The upper, with its translucent elements, looks great and all in all we get a striking look that convinces.


Now of course I hope that you enjoyed the complete Nike Air Max Timeline and that you have surely read the first and second part! If your interest in a Nike Air Max - no matter which model - was awakened by them, please have a look at our Sneaker Collection over. There we have some cool models for you!

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