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The Nike Air Max Dia is by women for women

August 5, 2021 9:00 PM
The Nike Air Max Dia is by women for women

In film and music we find many successful female trios: from Charlie's Angels to the Powerpuff Girls. But there are also quintets like the Spice Girl or quartets like the four women around Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. Nike opted for such a four-person power arrangement in 2018. So a designer, an engineer, a developer and a product manager had the task of designing a new shoe. They created the Nike Air Max Dia in a characteristic balance of its features.

Nike Air Max Dia

The First Nike Air Max Dia

The four women had to design this exclusive women's silhouette in a tight schedule. In the process, they prioritised the last thing first, namely the tapered toebox. The result was a shoe with beautiful proportions - an allusion to craftsmanship and utility.

The upper is made of a special material, namely deconstructed, transparent Nexkin. A low collar and great lift complete the modern look. The four dots on the heel stand for the four disciplines that brought the shoe to life - a reminder of the power of collaboration, so to speak.

Nike Air Max Dia
Nike Air Max Dia

The tooling is perhaps the real feature of the shoe. This in turn derives from the goal of showing off the Air unit as much as possible.

This wish raised a lot of questions. What should the heel look like? Where does it affect the design of the shoe? And how will it look nice and at the same time not too clunky? The four also wanted to use more foam to increase comfort.

The result is impressive, what do you think?

Nike Air Max Dia

More details of the Nike Air Max Dia

A sneaker is a sneaker, even if the sports brands think to declare it as an exclusive for one gender or the other. So men could and can also ignore the advertising and grab a pair of Nike Air Max Dia from the women's department. In this way, the Dia is simply a really good shoe.

Continuing, John Elliott, who introduced him on his website, said.: "The transparent nature of the toe box was what attracted me to the Air Max Dia. I think that material is visually what people want right now because it lets you customize the shoe with a sock… And because the Dia incorporates big Air into the silhouette, it lends itself pretty easily to both a men’s and women’s aesthetic."

Further, the Dia does not have a large Swoosh, but carries the trademark in small dimensions on the heel and toe of the shoe. There are many different colorways, both for the upper and for the Air unit, which is always highlighted in relation to the rest of the sole. Again, you notice the balance that makes the shoe.

Real vs. Fake

I thought this video might be helpful for you if you ever want to buy the kicks second hand or generally want to know how to tell the real Nike Air Max slide from a fake one.

Where can I buy the Air Max Dia?

In our sneaker collection you will always find all the colorways of the silhouette you are currently looking for. We also offer you a pleasant overview of all the shops that still carry the shoe, in which sizes and at what price. Searching and shopping made easy!

Ps: Many of the models are also reduced and no longer cost €120 as originally. One more reason to get a pair, what do you think?

Pps: Your favourite colourway is sold out? Our sneaker archive shows you models that are currently only available on the secondary market.

Nike Air Max Dia