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The Nike Air Force 1 'Dragonfruit' in detail

April 3, 2022 3:07 PM
The Nike Air Force 1 'Dragonfruit' in detail

The first images of the Nike Air Force 1 'Dragonfruit' have been released. The sneaker is all about this exotic fruit and gives you a summer feeling.

The upper of this Air Force 1 is very fruity and colourful. It is made of leather and is held in white. The fruity details add some spice to the design. The Swoosh is in white and has black speckles and around the Swoosh is a bright pink border. This is inspired by the inside of the dragon fruit. When you cut open the fruit, you see a white filling with black speckles and a pink border.

The heel also features an illustration of the dragon fruit. Nike has paid great attention to detail and has given the heel tab a colour transition that runs from pink to green. Just like a pineapple, the dragonfruit also has protuberances. On the dragon fruit these are in green.

The lining and insole have the same striking pink colour and on the insole is a sticker with an illustration of the fruit with 'Fresh' underneath.

Another detail that Nike have done their best on is the tongue label. When you unfold it, there is a lot of information about the nutritional values of the fruit. There are no fruity details on the mid and outsole of the sneaker. When you buy these kicks, you also get a sustainable shopping bag.

The Nike Air Force 1 'Dragonfruit' doesn't have an official release date yet, but it is expected during the course of the year. Check out the official images of these kicks below and keep an eye on our release calendar for more info.

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Dragonfruit Air Force