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The Nike Air Force 1 and its most popular versions

December 30, 2020 5:56 PM
The Nike Air Force 1 and its most popular versions

The Nike Air Force 1 is without question one of the most popular sneakers in the world. Over the years, the classic design in high and low has been joined by some special variations and versions of the Air Force 1. Again, one more popular than the other.

Today, we would like to introduce you to a few of these versions and their special features.


Let's start with the LXX version of the Air Force 1, where Nike breaks with the clean design and goes for a deconstructed look. The upper is traditionally made of leather, while the Swoosh and the heel tab are made of a kind of snakeskin suede. In addition, these design elements are highlighted by alternating colour accents.

The Nike Air Force 1 LXX is super popular, so it's currently only available in a few looks, which you can shop here:


The Nike Air Force 1 Sage changes the traditional silhouette a little. The transitions on the upper are rounded and thus appear somewhat softer. This gives the sneaker a minimalist look that is especially popular with women. The sneakers usually have a leather or suede upper.

The slightly different sole and the narrower upper also give the sneaker a special appearance.


Air Force 1 Shadow

The Air Force Shadow is a version designed especially for women. Here, all the important design elements, such as the Swoosh, the Air branding or the toe box, come with an edge - or a shadow, as the name suggests. This gives the sneaker a somewhat chunky yet very feminine look.

The Shadow also usually comes with a leather or suede upper. Eye-catching colours are often combined with great colorways, but there are also many clean, monochrome looks.



One of the latest variations of the Nike Air Force is the Pixel version. Here, too, the name says it all. The sole comes in a chunky look that consists of individual square parts like a pixelated picture. The branding on the tongue and heel of the shoe is also special here and indicates the pixel effect.

Another highlight is the Swoosh, which is not sewn on, but presented as if punched in. Some special looks have already made it to the market and we expect many new colorways of the new Air Force in the future. Our release calendar will keep you up to date!

Office London

Sustainable - the new Air Force 1

Sustainability is currently a big topic at Nike and they have also given the Air Force various sustainable makeovers. There are the NRG Recycled Looks, with an upper made from recycled materials and special colours. Or the Air Force Crater, which can be seen in the picture below, is also made from production waste and recycled materials.

Read more about Nike's different sustainable packs and their Move To Zero campaign for more sustainable production in our sneaker news.



At the end of the year, Nike traditionally brings their popular Air Force to the market in a few GORE-TEX versions. The high and low models always come in trendy, but very clean and mostly monochrome colorways.

The sneakers are waterproof, but breathable, robust and keep your feet warm - especially for the cold season, so you don't have to give up your Air Force style there either!

Air Force React

The Nike Air Force 1, I think you'll agree, is one of the most comfortable sneakers around! The React version takes this to the next level by adding the React insole in addition to the Air Unit, giving the sneaker double the comfort.

The insole also has a light profile that promotes circulation. Walking like on clouds, or as light as air, is not just a name here.


Or rather High Top

Of course, the Air Force is also available in a high version, because the shoe, which was originally developed for basketball, was first designed as a high top. You can read more about the story behind the silhouette here.

In addition to the high cut, the Air Force also has an extra strap over the ankle as a special design element and for better support.