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The new Thatboii x KangaROOS 'le club' are a fashion hole-in-one

April 8, 2021 6:30 PM
The new Thatboii x KangaROOS 'le club' are a fashion hole-in-one

Today we have a very special pair of sneakers for you, which you don't see every day. With the finest materials "Made in Germany", we can all look forward to a new, second collabo from KangaROOS and the rising Munich streetwear brand THATBOII! The upcoming THATBOII x KangaROOS 'le club' have it all and their design is right in step with the times, but in turn they also reflect a lot of inspiration from the past.

Find out below which idea is actually behind the design of brand founder Chelo, what the kicks look like in detail and of course when the hot sneakers will be released.

You already know everything about the collab and are just here for exact release info? No worries….that's available right now:

Release Info

The new THATBOII x KangaROOS 'le club' has a total of three release dates. You have three chances to grab one of the 355 pairs of limited sneakers and, with a little luck, you'll soon be able to call them your own. With a retail price of €250, you'll have to dig a little deeper into your pocket, but the finest quality "Made in Germany" has its price.

Now a list of when and where the kicks will drop:

  • 08. April 2021: Release on the THATBOII homepage at 19:00.
  • 10. April 2021: Release by Chelo's Munich homeboys from BSTN.
  • 14. April 2021: Global release at selected retailers.

You can find a list of all shops by simply clicking on the button or on one of the pictures! ⬇️

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"Basketball has always been and will always be an important part of my life. The players are more than just athletes and I like that they don't set limits for themselves. Especially Jordan! What he has done for the sport of basketball and fashion is second to none, but one part of his story is actually a bit overlooked. He also "balled" on the golf course, which served as a great inspiration for the second shoe and the collection."

- Chelo, Founder and Creative Designer of THATBOII.

Thatboii x KangaROOS 'le club' (the golf)

As you might have guessed from looking at the two pictures so far, the new sneakers have something to do with golf. Although golf is actually a previously untouched sport for the founder of THATBOII, Chelo finds something in it that fascinates him. As he says in the quote above, he was inspired by basketball legend Michael Jordan for his upcoming collection 'le club de golf' and the new kicks.

Athletes with a natural urge to compete, like MJ, like to retreat to the golf course alongside the pressure to perform on the basketball court in order to relax while still staying in game mode.

4708T 000 0007
THATBOII Founder Chelo with his new kicks in hand

The Details - THATBOII x KangaROOS 'le club'

So from the first collaboration with KangaROOS, where the design theme represented the BMX scene, it's now moving in a different interesting direction. But now that you know all the interesting backgrounds of THATBOII's design on the new KangaROOS silhouette, it's time to take a closer look at the nice shoes!

4708T 000 0007

Here they are, the clean THATBOII x KangaROOS 'le club'! 🔥🔥

On the whole, we get an aesthetic, super clean design with soft colours, just like the first release of the two players. Let's start with the base: Here we get the finest mesh in white, which extends to the tongue.

High-quality suede adorns the overlays of the shoes in a light grey tone, while other overlays in the eyelet area give the entire upper a beautiful accent in dark green. Finally, the sneaker has a midsole in off-white.

But of course there is one thing we must not forget: The branding of the two brands! To complete the whole thing, THATBOII and KangaROOS have of course also immortalised their collaboration by name on the shoes. The logos of the two brands can be found on the two shoes under the eyelet area.

In addition, the new THATBOII x KangaROOS 'le club' comes with three pairs of laces. You can see them and the kicks from different perspectives in the pictures at the bottom of the post. The people from THATBOII have once again put in a lot of effort and created an extremely aesthetic and fashion-conscious shoot with awesome results. Thumbs Up!

I hope we were able to give you some cool facts and interesting insights into the new THATBOII x KangaROOS collab. For more news from the world of sneakers check out our Sneaker News, where you can expect the hottest news every day. Otherwise, feel free to follow us on Instagram (if you don't already), because there you'll always be the first to know about the latest sneakers, collabs and hype releases.

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