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The most popular Patta x Nike collabs on StockX

July 30, 2021 12:00 PM
The most popular Patta x Nike collabs on StockX

Patta and Nike have had several sneaker collaborations over the years. Many of these collabs were very exclusive and highly sought after. Chances are, you weren't able to get your hands on a pair of these unique collabs during the official release dates. Luckily, there is the reseller StockX, Through the site you can still get your hands on a pair of your favourite sneakers. Below we show you five popular Patta x Nike collabs that might be on your wishlist.

Patta x Nike collabs

1. Nike Air Max 90 Patta 'Homegrown Grass'

Patta x Nike collabs

The Patta x Nike Air Max 90 'Homegrown grass' was the first joint collaboration between the two brands. The pair was released in 2006, following the two year anniversary of the Patta store in Amsterdam. The unique style of the Dutch brand became very popular in the streetwear scene, this AM90 is the perfect example of that quirky style.

The sneaker has a bright green base, consisting of various materials. Suede, leather and nubuck are used on the design. The bright green colour refers to weed, for which Amsterdam is of course known to tourists. Furthermore, orange details have been added to match the national Dutch colour.

2. Nike Air Max 1 Parra Patta 'Cherrywood'

nike air max 1 cherrywood

In 2010, not only Patta and Nike collaborated, but Dutch artist Parra also joined in. The result was the Parra x Patta x Nike Air Max 1 'Cherrywood'. This sneaker is very popular and is often seen as a true holy grail among sneaker collectors.

The Air Max 1 has a unique burgundy base, made from soft materials such as suede, and contrasting colours have been added as details, such as red, yellow and light blue. These can be clearly seen in the checkered outsole. Less than 300 pairs were produced for this collab. It is therefore not surprising that the prices are very high for this pair.

3. Nike Air Max 95/90 Patta Publicity. Publicity. Wohooooow! (Obsidian)

Patta x Nike collabs

Patta designed a hybrid silhouette of two popular Nike models in 2018. The Air Max 95 and the Air Max 90 were combined, creating a unique sneaker. Patta's logo can be found on the side of the shoe and also on the tongue. In addition to this dark blue colorway, a black colorway also dropped which also included neon-colored details.

4. Nike Air Max 1 Patta 5th Anniversay 'Chlorophyll'

patta x nike

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Patta store in Amsterdam, the brand got another chance to collaborate with Nike. Patta got the chance to create five different variations on the Air Max 1. The first variation on this iconic model is the green Patta x Nike Air Max 1 5th Anniversary 'Chlorophyll'.

5. Nike Air Force 1 Low Patta Bespoke (Asia exclusive)

air force 1 bespoke patta
Images by StockX

In 2017, Patta opened several pop-up locations, distributed all over the world. In these pop-ups, exclusive products were released, including these luxury Air Force 1s. The model was only sold in Asia and there were only 80 pairs for sale. Because the sneaker is so unique, the asking price is extremely high. The design is very unique, because premium materials have been used. For example, there is hand-woven canvas on the upper and the sneaker came in a special collector's edition box with a velvet bag around the pair.

This was our selection of the five most popular Patta x Nike collabs on StockX. Check out the buttons above to see the range of these sneakers on StockX. Furthermore, don't forget to keep an eye on our release calendar.

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