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The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 'Smoke' behind door 21

December 21, 2020 9:03 AM
The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 'Smoke' behind door 21

Christmas is a time for classics. When it comes to sneakers, the classic Chuck Taylor All Star is a must. It has now been given a vintage makeover in the so-called Smoke look and today, 21 December 2020, you have the chance to win the shoes from us. The Chuck High has a smoky, slightly dirty used look that gives it a go-to shoe style without compromising the "new sneaker" feel. Converse calls the whole design: a win-win situation.

By the way, the Converse brand has been around since 1908. When basketball player Chuck Taylor said he had pain in his feet, Converse saw his chance and in 2021 the partnership began. Taylor made the Chuck All Star incredibly popular in America. Soon the kicks became a true classic all over the world. For more sneaker on Converse and the sneaker story, check out our sneaker news. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 'Smoke' also has something historic about it:

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 'Smoke' - the Details

This vintage version combines cult with current trend and the Chuck has many features that we have loved for years. The iconic canvas upper with the Converse All Star logo on the inside, the white rubber sole with black lines and the famous toe cap.

For a long time it was super trendy to wear your Chucks as dirty and old as possible, but on the other hand we of course also want to wear comfortable, new kicks. With the "Smoke" look we're spotlighting for you today, you get a combination of both! You don't have to worry about stains or damage, because they're already on there - deliberately! Wear these as great new sneakers and go absolutely with the current retro trend.

With the "Smoke" effect, Converse has not only upgraded their classic black canvas sneaker. Other colorways and models have also been given this vintage look. You can also choose whether you want a classic used look Chuck, or one with a leather upper or even a platform sole. Click here to go directly to the large Smoke selection at Converse.

Sneakerjagers Advent Calendar - GIVEAWAY

But if you'd rather win the look than buy it, now's your chance! Count the last days until Christmas with us and open a door every day in our Sneakerjagers advent calendar. We already told you, today you have the chance to win the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Smoke!

All you need to participate is the latest version of the Sneakerjagers app. Don't have it yet? Then you can download the version for your provider directly via this link here. The release calendar in the app will take you to the advent calendar where you can take part in the competition. Our fingers are crossed!