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Sneaker FAQ

The Ultimate Converse Chuck High FAQ

January 24, 2024 2:40 PM
The Ultimate Converse Chuck High FAQ

Is it the Converse Chuck High or the All Star High? If you don't know, then you've come to the right place. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High is the full and correct name of the sneaker. Read on for more facts about the model in our Converse Chuck High FAQ!

What other abbreviations are there for the Chuck Taylor All Star?

In the USA, the Chuck Taylor All Star is also known as "Chucks", "Cons" or "Connies". In any case, the most common name is "Chucks".

Where does the name of the Chuck Taylor come from?

In 1923, the first Converse All Star was released with the signature of US basketball player Charles Hollis Taylor, but he was better known as Chuck Taylor. His suggestions for improvements to Converse led to a long-term cooperation and his name made it onto the shoe.

What was the first colorway of the Chuck?

Converse's first basketball shoe came out in 1917 and was called All Star, which was later renamed to Chuck Taylor All Star. The design of the high was identical, only the round signature was missing on the side. The very first model was in the colorway 'Black'.

What is the difference between an All Star and Chuck 70?

At first glance, few people will notice a big difference between the two models. But if you look closely, you will notice one or two details.

The sole of the Chuck 70 is much creamier and thicker than that of the All Star, giving it a retro vibe. The canvas material used in the Chuck 70 is a lot thicker and also has a lot more structure. The sneaker therefore has more seams at the front than the All Star. Visually, the Chuck 70 has even thicker laces, a leather Converse Chuck Taylor logo, a narrower toecap and a shinier sole.

What kind of image does the Chuck have?

When the first shoes came out, the image quickly evolved towards rebellion and individuality. Of course, the image has always changed from generation to generation.

The sneaker also had a special influence on the flower power movement. The young public began to decorate the shoe with peace signs, slogans and flowers. The former basketball shoe also made it into the punk and hip-hop scene.

Today, the simple retro sneaker is considered a comfortable everyday shoe with cult status.

Which famous people have worn the Converse Chuck High?

Especially in the music industry, the sneaker gained great popularity. You can find pictures of James Dean and Elvis Presley wearing the classic Chuck High. British musician Mick Jagger wore white chucks with a green suit at his wedding in 1971.

But the shoe has also arrived in politics. For example, Austrian diplomat Ursula Plassnik owns a Black pair of Chucks High and combines them with an elegant business outfit. US rapper Game, Justin Bieber and many other celebrities now also wear this iconic shoe.


How is the Chuck Taylor designed and what has changed over the years?

Nothing! The design and materials have not changed much since 1923. The relatively plain shoe uses only linen fabric, also called canvas, for the tongue, upper, lining and heel cap. This material is not only very easy to care for and robust, but can also be easily painted, which has made customising very popular.

The sneaker has two rivets on the inside with air holes for an airy feel. The Chuck is now available in many different colorways and materials, but the original is still made of canvas.

How much does a pair of Chuck Taylor All Star Highs cost?

The average price of a pair is €75 on the Converse website. However, the prices vary quite a lot from colorway to colorway. So you can spend as little as €40 or as much as €120 on certain highs.