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The best affordable Air Max 1 sneakers on StockX

November 11, 2021 4:00 PM
The best affordable Air Max 1 sneakers on StockX

The Nike Air Max 1 has been one of the most sought-after sneakers for years. The model made its debut in 1987 and has been given a lot of different colorways. These colorways can also be found on StockX.

Nike Air Max 1s at StockX

The Air Max 1 was first released in 1987 and was designed by Tinker Hatfield. In 1985, he started the first sketches of the model and was inspired by the Centre Georges Pompidou building in Paris. This building has a remarkable design and shows from the outside how the building is put together. Hatfield brought this back in the Air Max 1.

Nike Air Max 1 1987

The Air Unit is clearly visible in the design. The Air Max 1 was featured in the first Nike TV commercial and has been a staple in the sneaker scene ever since. On StockX you can find the colorways of this model. Here is an overview of the most affordable Nike Air Max 1's.

AM1 'Lemonade' (2020)

The first colorway in this list is the 'Lemonade'. Released in 2020, this pair has a cheerful design. The sneaker combines different shades of yellow and has 'Air' printed on the middle panel. The 'Lemonade' also has two other colorways: 'Strawberry Lemonade' and 'Limeade'.

Nike Air Max 1 Lemonade

On StockX this pair is now offered from €87.

CLOT 'Kiss of Death' (2021)

This striking pair was designed in collaboration with CLOT. The pair takes inspiration from Chinese culture and features a striking toe cap. The toebox is transparent and the heel features the CLOT logo. The original pair came out in 2006 and this updated version came out in 2021.

Nike Air Max 1 CLOT Kiss of Death

The CLOT 'Kiss of Death' can be purchased on StockX from €113.

Nike Air Max 1 'Spiral Sage' (2020)

The 'Spiral Sage' was released in 2020 and has a light colorway. The pair has a white upper and the leather mudguards are light green. In addition, the pair has a small swoosh on the toe. The combination of white, light grey and pastel green makes it a very stylish pair.

Nike Air Max 1 Spiral Sage

The 'Spiral Sage' is also offered on StockX and starts at €144.

Nike 'Evolution Of Icons'

In 2021, Nike came up with the 'Evolution of Icons'. This white pair shares the colours grey, black and pink in the upper. The swoosh also appears in four different colours. For example, the left pair has a red swoosh on the outside and a blue one on the inside. The right shoe has the colours yellow and turquoise. In addition, the mudguard is divided into different parts and the heel is coloured bright pink.

Nike Air Max 1 Evolution of Icons

The pair is offered on StockX from €109.

Nike Air Max 1 LV8 Obsidian (2021)

The 'Obsidian' has a classic look and combines the colours white, grey and navy blue. On the nose you can see a small white swoosh and the swoosh on the middle panel is coloured navy. Also on the tongue the Nike logo has been given a blue colour. The sneaker was released in 2021.

On StockX, the LV8 'Obsidian' is offered from €141.

Nike Air Max 1 Obsedian

Air Max 1 'Mystic Dates'

The 'Mystic Dates' looks a bit like the previous model but is burgundy red. The pair has a burgundy mudguard and combines the materials mesh and leather. On the heel, the Nike Air logo is printed and the overlays colour light grey. Also on the label on the tongue is the Nike logo printed in red.

Nike Air Max 1 Mystic Dates

On StockX, the 'Mystic Dates' is available from €136.

Nike Air Max 1 'Hay Sunset Glow'

The 'Hay Sunset Glow' can also be found on StockX. This sneaker combines the colours brown, pink and blue. The upper is made of brown mesh and has leather overlays. The midsole is coral pink, which gives it a striking look. Combined with the bright blue sockliner, this makes the sneaker a special pair.

Nike Air Max 1 Hay Sunset Glow

The 'Hay Sunset Glow' is offered on StockX from €152.

Air Max 1 'Tinker Schematic'

Last in this list is the 'Tinker Schematic'. This pair takes its inspiration from the design process of a sneaker. The name pays tribute to the designer of the Air Max 1. The pair has a white upper. Various 'notes' are printed on the overlays and mudguard. This pair was released in 2019.

Nike Air Max 1 Tinker Schematic

The 'Tinker Schematic' is offered on StockX for €169.

These are the most affordable Nike Air Max 1's at StockX. In addition, StockX has many other sneaker models and variants. Also, all sneakers sold on StockX are checked for authenticity before they are sold.