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The Air Jordan 35 stands for even better performance on the court

May 18, 2021 9:00 AM
The Air Jordan 35 stands for even better performance on the court

Air Jordan! Hardly any other brand has shaped the sneaker market and the sport of basketball as much as the Jordan Brand. While we sneakerheads click through the release calendar every day to make sure we don't miss the new hyped Jordan 1, 4 or 5, the sports world doesn't stand still either. The Air Jordan 35 is, as you've probably guessed, the thirty-fifth Air Jordan basketball shoe in the brand's history. Until the release of the Jordan 36 in 2021, it is also the most current basketball shoe design from Air Jordan.

Even though we mostly deal with sneakers, we also want to give this sporty stroke of genius by Jordan Brand the stage it deserves.

“The Air Jordan signature shoe has and will always be the most important shoe we make each year [...] Basketball is where the Jordan Brand started, and it’s where we’ll continue to invest in and advance our never-ending pursuit of excellence on the court.”

Craig Williams, President of Jordan Brand

The Design of the AJ35

35 years of innovation are now shaping the history of Air Jordan shoes and besides the hyped kicks being a street style, there is also a very big focus on the world of basketball. Nike's big and important role in the sports world is of course well known to us, and for the brand this also includes using the most valuable performance features on the basketball court for their designs and making them even better for the best players in the world.

The Air Jordan 35 takes the most important innovations and features of its predecessor in its design and then adds some important changes to make the performance even better. One important element is the Eclipse plate in the sole, which we will tell you more about below.

The Air Jordan XXXV takes the Eclipse Plate one step further!

The Air Jordan 35 was launched in September 2020 and is the successor to the 34, with a visible Air Pod in the midfoot and a curved pattern in the upper. The 'eclipse plate 2.0' brings the extra heel stability and is also designed in a cutout design on the 35, making it highly visible in the design.

Jordan 34
Jordan 35

A special detail in the design of the Air Jordan 35 is also the Tongue and the design of the ankle collar, both inspired by the iconic Air Jordan 5. The athletes who run in Jordan Brand kicks also called for the comeback of suede and other premium materials for the current design. These and other handcrafted details represent the luxurious language of Jordan Brand in the Jordan 35, but the focus of this basketball shoe is still on technology and the goal of supporting athletes even better!

AJ35 Technology

The Air Jordan XXXV also builds on the Eclipse technology of the Jordan 34 and improves on it. This technology, which consists of two Pebax parts and a Zoom Air unit in the forefoot, is intended to ensure optimal take-off, thus supporting the athlete and making them even better.

The general requirement for the function of the Jordan 35 was very clear during development: the kicks should be even faster, better and lighter. You could also say that reduction is the guiding philosophy of the shoe. The goal: to get the most efficient energy return from the Zoom Air units.

In addition, the forefoot and heel are equipped with visible Zoom pockets, and the Flightwire elements next to the Eclipse plate make the next-level performance of the AJ35 possible.

The Air Jordan 35 will continue to be released in 2021 until its successor, the Air Jordan 36, is launched.


And next to the court?

The colorways of the Jordan 35 were and are often special and inspired by the history of the Jordan Brand. For example, when I mention looks like 'Bred', 'Fire Red' and 'Chinese New Year', the sneakerheads and Jordan fans among you will know what I mean.

The Air Jordan 35 was not only released in some classic colorways, but was also part of some street style collaborations, including projects with Fragment Design and CLOT. Both collabs sold out very quickly and are now only available as resells.

In 2020, the Silhouette was launched in collab with CLOT, with a design that explores CLOT's Chinese heritage.

The Jordan 35 in collab with Fragment was also launched in 2020 and shows typical features of Fragment in the design, such as the blue colour.

At StockX you can find all the hyped looks of the Silhouette via this link here.

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