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The Air Jordan 1 Mid is starting to take over the world 🗺️

October 20, 2021 9:00 PM
The Air Jordan 1 Mid is starting to take over the world 🗺️

When the Air Jordan 1 Mid was first released in 2020, we were told that sales of the model were skyrocketing in Europe. Now, a year later, the online marketplace reports that sales of this silhouette are skyrocketing across the globe.

Air Jordan 1 Mid

The Air Jordan 1 Mid was put in last place by most sneakerheads when it came to the AJ1 line. The fans preferred the High and Low. The difference with the High is that the Mid has a lower collar.

Previously, the AJ1 Mid was available at shoe shops like Foot Locker in colour schemes that didn't necessarily match. Since Nike has focused on the distribution of this silhouette, they are also focusing on the colorways. The colour schemes are becoming more popular and they are responding to the consumer.

The days when the Mid was always in stock in shops are over. To stand a chance of winning a pair, you need to sign up for a raffle or be quick about the release. Even then, you have a good chance of missing out on the sneakers.

Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Dutch Green'
Image by 43einhalb

Mid Mania

In 2020, the most Air Jordan 1 Mid's were ordered by residents of Europe. This year, fans in the EU bought three times the annual average. Now in 2021, the rest of the world is noticing the trend and sales are going up in all other countries as well. StockX has turned the craze over the AJ1 Mid into 'Mid Mania'.

Another element that strengthens Mid Mania is the increasing number of female sneakerheads on StockX. Many Mid colorways are exclusive to women and these are then sold more as more and more women use StockX.

Mid Mania
Image by StockX

Popular AJ 1 Mid's

Are you a fan of the model but find it difficult to get hold of a pair? Then you've come to the right place. Below are the five most popular AJ1 Mid's at the moment.

1. Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Dark Teal' | 554724-411

The 'Dark Teal' has a leather upper. The toebox, side and tongue are white. The overlays and the Swoosh are dark blue. The collar and laces are black.

Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Dark Teal'

2. Air Jordan 1 Mid SE 'Utility' | DD9338-016

The SE 'Utility' has an extra high tongue. The collar, side and toe box are black. The tongue, overlays, Swoosh and laces are white. The Air Jordan logo on the side is red, just like the outsole.

Air Jordan 1 Mid SE 'Utility'

3. Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Black/Royal' | 554724-140

The 'Black/Royal' features a bright blue collar, Swoosh and Air Jordan logo. The overlays are black, as are the tongue, laces and outsole. The toebox and side are white.

Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Black/Royal'

4. Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Arctic Orange Toe' | 554724-133

The 'Arctic Orange Toe' has a white base. The front overlays are black, as are the tongue, laces and Air Jordan logo. The rear overlays, Swoosh and outsole are a soft pink colour.

Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Arctic Orange Toe'

5. Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Pollen' | 554724-177

The 'Pollen' features a yellow Swoosh, Air Jordan logo and collar. The overlays, tongue and laces of this pair are in black. The toebox and side of the sneaker are white.

Mid 'Pollen'

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