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The 10 most popular Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid's of 2021

December 2, 2021 4:00 PM
The 10 most popular Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid's of 2021

Earlier in 2021, StockX revealed that MidMania is taking over the world. The Air Jordan 1 Mid is in fact the best-selling silhouette on the online marketplace. Sales first increased mainly in Europe, but later also on all other continents. The model became increasingly popular through social media.

As the end of the year approaches, we take a look back at the ten most popular colorways of the AJ1 Mid.

10. Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Barely Rose' | BQ6472-500

We start our top ten list with the 'Barely Rose' colorway. The overlays and outsole of this pair have a light pink hue. The Swoosh and lining are in black. The rest of this one is in white.

9. Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Purple Aqua' | 554724-500

The 'Purple Aqua' colour scheme is eye-catching and colourful. The toebox, side and collar have a turquoise hue, as does the Wings logo. The overlays, lining, Swoosh and outsole are covered in a lilac colour. The midsole is white.

8. Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Carbon Fiber' NBA All Star Game | DD1649-001

The 'Carbon Fiber' is specially designed for the 2021 NBA All Star Game. The base of this pair is white. The overlays are patent black, as is the Swoosh. The Wings logo on the black overlay is white.

7. Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Pollen' | 554724-177

The 'Pollen' colorway was also seen on the higher version of the Air Jordan 1 this year. The yellow colour is found on the collar, Swoosh and the Wings logo. All overlays, the tongue and the outsole are in black. The toebox, side and midsole are white.

6. Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Grey/Green' | DC7294-103

This 'Grey/Green' model features a refreshing colour scheme. The toebox, side, tongue and overlay around the collar are in white. The collar, Swoosh and Wings logo have been given a green colour along with the outsole. The rest of the overlays are light grey and made of suede.

5. Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Linen' | 554724-082

The colours on the 'Linen' version are soft and light. On the upper, only the tongue, toebox and side are white. The overlays, collar and Swoosh are covered in light beige tones. The outsole also features a beige hue.

4. Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Black/Royal' | 554724-140

The 'Black/Royal' colour scheme consists of black and royal blue. The blue colour is reflected on the collar, the Swoosh and the Wings logo. The rest of the overlays are in black, as are the tongue and outsole. The toebox and side are white.

3. Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Light Smoke Grey' | BQ6472-015

The 'Light Smoke Grey' colorway features light tones. The toebox, the side and the overlay around the collar are in white. The rest of the overlays and the collar itself are a very light grey colour. The Swoosh, the Wings logo and the outsole are black.

2. Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Heat Reactive' | DM7802-100

The 'Heat Reactive' design reacts to the heat around it. The overlay around the heel and around the collar change colour based on heat. The rest of the upper is white with black overlays and a black Swoosh.

1. Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Metallic Red' | 554724-122

The most popular AJ1 Mid on the list, the 'Metallic Red' colorway features a leather upper. The toebox and side are in white and the overlays are black. The collar, Swoosh and Wings logo are in red with a shiny metallic finish. The outsole has the same red colour.