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sustainable sneakers - a Christmas present with a thought

December 4, 2020 3:46 PM
sustainable sneakers - a Christmas present with a thought

Christmas is a contemplative time, which is also a time to pause, take a step back and think about things that are important. Such as the issue of sustainability, for example. For some time now, 'sustainability' has also been an important term in the world of sneakers. Many of the big brands are rethinking their concepts and taking the first steps towards sustainable production. There are already many sneakers that are made of recycled materials. In addition, more and more new, sustainable sneaker brands are establishing themselves with their environmentally friendly and often vegan, organic and fair produced shoes. So this year, how about the idea: sustainable sneakers as a Christmas present?

Today we present you an insight into the sustainable movement around sneakers. The trendsetting styles are great and also conscious presents for under the Christmas tree! In our Sneaker News you will also find a large selection of interesting articles about sustainability in the sneaker scene and an overview of the sustainable sneakers that are currently inspiring.

Veja - look!

The French company Veja was founded in 2005 and produces sustainable and fair sneakers. Veja is Portuguese and translated it means: Look! At the beginning of Veja, the founders Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion asked the question: Is another world possible? The answer should be 'yes' and that's why Veja pays attention to a future-oriented production. You can read more about Veja here.

Their sneakers are not only stylishly super in our time, they are also sustainable and fair produced, often vegan and coloured with natural colours. Veja wants to make a difference and with this vision they have already secured a firm place in the sneaker game. In our sneaker collection you will find a large selection of sneakers from Brand. At Veja you will get great, sustainable sneakers as a nice Christmas present.


adidas Clean Classics - 'This shoe alone will not safe the planet’

Even well-known brands like adidas are increasingly focusing on sustainable sneakers. As a result, the adidas Clean Classics Pack was recently released. It contains a total of 10 sneakers, all absolute classics like Superstar, Stan Smith or Continental. They all have a sustainable makeover, consist of up to 70% recycled materials and make a statement. How this looks like in detail, you can read here.

The collection runs under the motto: This shoe alone will not safe the planet, which is also partly to be found on the shoes. In addition to their sustainable characteristics, the sneakers convince with their minimalist design, which has been popular for years. The collection also includes exclusive sneakers for women. In our sneaker collection you will find again all Clean Classics models at a glance.

adidas Clean Classics - this shoe alone will not safe the planet

Reebok Floatride - a plantbased running shoe

A great Christmas present for all athletes is also Reebok's new sustainable Floatride running shoe, which is partly based on plants. The shoe has an upper made of breathable mesh, which in turn has a plant based eucalyptus bark. The footbed of the running shoe is partly made of so-called boom algae. For the sole, castor oil and natural rubber have been used for optimal cushioning. The oil is the basis for the cushioning material and the rubber provides the necessary traction. Here you can find all information about the purchase.

A shoe that is partly made of plants is an innovative and forward-looking idea, but in the case of a sports shoe the focus is naturally also on functionality. We have tested the sustainable running shoe exclusively for you and present a detailed review here.

Reebok Floatride Laufschuh auf Plfanzenbasis
Reebok, Sneakerjagers

Our Choice - Circular Sneakers and Fashion

In addition to the established brands that focus on sustainable sneakers, there are also some Kickstarter campaigns that support this movement and want to push it forward. One of them is OUR CHOICE Circular Fashion. Their campaign runs until 11 January 2021 and in this blog post, you can read more about it. OUR CHOICE was founded in Sweden and is a plastic-free, fair fashion brand that believes that sustainability should be accessible to everyone.

Circular Fashion' means that the products have a completely neutral carbon footprint. Our Choice sneakers are ethically produced and are made from high quality vegetable tanned calfskin, which is a by-product of the food industry. They also consist of 100% natural rubber and organic cotton. The design of the sneakers comes from the heart of Scandinavia and is also visually convincing. It fits perfectly into the idea of sustainable sneakers as a Christmas present.

Our Choice Circular Fashion
Our Choice

NoTime - Sustainable sneakers made from recycled materials

Auch NoTime ist eine aktuelle Kickstarter Kampagne von einem nachhaltigen und ethischem Footwear Start-up. NoTime verfolgt damit einen Traum: Sie wollen erreichen, dass sich die Leute bewusst werden was genau sie tragen und was sich hinter dem Etikett ihrer Mode verbirgt. Ein Bewusstsein dessen, dass Sneaker, Klamotten und ihre Produktion, in unsere Werte und Ideale passen sollten!

The first sneaker collection from NoTime is handmade in Spain, under fair working conditions. They consist of sustainable, high-quality materials and stand for maximum comfort. Some parts of the shoes actually consist of coffee, tennis balls and old car tyres. In addition, 20% of the proceeds is donated. A great idea and, with a view to Christmas, perhaps also a great gift.

NoTime nachhaltige Sneaker