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SNKRS-Tag 2020 - 'GOT EM' Kickz *Leaks* List 😱

August 7, 2020 9:22 AM
SNKRS-Tag 2020 - 'GOT EM' Kickz *Leaks* List 😱

Hola dear community, SNKRS Day 2020 (8 8 20) is coming soon and on August 8th 2020 the Nike SNKRS App celebrates its 3rd birthday! We've created a 'How to Cop/Survival' SNKRS Day 2020 Guide for you, so that you'll finally get a 'GOT EM' at the end of the day. Here you can find a sneaker *leak' list of the kickz that are going to drop on SNKRS Day 2020! If you don't have the 'NEW' Nike SNKRS App yet, click on the button below! Let's go, because there will be mega nice restocks and re-releases, but also shock drops of the most hyped and instant sold out sneakers of the year (attention Europe only!). How you can cop the Kickz and which pairs will drop this year (Leak Alert!!). All that you can find in this blog!

By the way: Do really click on the button and get the app, because you'll need it , like every year, on Nike SNKRS Day! So don't hesitate and click on the button at the top! Before you miss these mega drops!

All SNKRS Day 2020 Kickz listed! 🤑 *Leaks*

Once again on 08 August 2020 the Nike SNKRS App celebrates its birthday. Happy Birthday SNKRS App! The App celebrates its 3rd Anniversary! But what restocks can you expect this year at this 'exclusiv Event' dedicated for the SNKRS App? Keep on reading to find the answer to that question!

If you want to know how you can speed up your 'order process' (saves you valuable time at this event!), then click on the button below! There you'll find 'Tips & Tricks' to speed up your order in the Nike SNKRS App to get a 'GOT EM'! There you'll also find some infos about the SNKRS Day in 2019 - how it took place and what to look out for at this year's SNKRS event!

But now to the Kickz, which will probably be restock this year! (This is a 'Prediction', so the information is without guarantee!)

At SNKRS Day 2018 in total '8 sneakers' were restocked in the app, which were kickz: Jordan 3 x Tinker, Off-White x VaporMax White, Off-White x VaporMax Black, atmos x Air Max 1, Sean Wotherspoon x Air Max 1/97, Off-White x Jordan 1 UNC, Air Jordan 312 Hot Lava and atmos x Air Max 95. The task was to solve a riddle so the fastest and smartest got the Kickz!

By the way: Last year, besides the 'In App Drop' (scratchcard function), with the help of the stash function, there was also a sneaker hunt! The event took only place in Paris, London and Berlin - the app announced the 'locations'. When you arrived there you could find a big 'Nike SNKRS Tag'! There you got one of the following kickz: Either the Nike Luna Force 1 Low, the Nike x Sacai Waffle LDV or the SlamJam Blazer Class of 1977!

Besides the 'Nike Air Max 1 Brown and Pearl' release (those Nike AM1s are coming 100%), the Nike Air Ship Pro OG 2020 and the Air Jordan 1 Retro High 85 'Varsity Red' are dropping too and the following kickz should be restocked: (Information without guarantee!) (Shock Drops & Rerelease - will be added to the app on August 08th, 2020!) So BOTs don't have a chance!

  • Travis Scott Dunk Low (Nike SB Dunk Low Travis Scott)
  • Off-White x Air Jordan 4 'Sail'
  • Air Jordan 1 'Tye Dye'
  • Nike Air Max 1 'Amsterdam'
  • Air Jordan 1 WMNS UNC to Chicago
  • Nike SB Dunk Low x Ben & Jerry's
  • Sacai x Nike LD Waffle
  • Travis Scott x Jordan 6

That's it from the Nike SNKRS Day 2020 Sneaker Leak list! We keep our fingers crossed and keep you up to date in our 'Sneaker News'! And if you want to know what to look out for on SNKRS Day and how you can speed up your order process, click on the button below! We have created a 'Tips & Tricks' post for SNKRS Day 2020! Let's Go!