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SNKRS Day 2020 - THE list of the sneaker heat

August 8, 2020 6:06 AM
SNKRS Day 2020 - THE list of the sneaker heat

[ATTENTION: EUROPE ONLY] Yaaaaay! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you happy birthday dear SNKRS APP, happy birthday to yoouuuuu! It is so far, today we have the long awaited 08.08.2020 and we know what is coming! Yesss! It's Nike SNKRS Day 2020 and that means: Lots of surprise or shock drops of our favorite releases of the last months 😱. Everybody is probably already sitting awake in bed since last night, so we thought, we can delight you with this blog!

If you want to be better informed again, check out Le's blogs from last week:

So, now you've got all your knowledge together again, can we start or not?! But wait a minute, you have probably already seen on our Social that we already have some information about the kicks. Well, luckily you found our blog, because here you can now find ALL drops in one overview. Let's goooooo and cop that shizzleeee!

SNKRS Day 2020

So from so much Sneaker Heat is also us the air away! We will keep our fingers crossed for you!