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Sneaker Sizing - Your guide for every shoe

February 16, 2021 12:00 PM
Sneaker Sizing - Your guide for every shoe

What's up, dear community, this time there is a topic that concerns all of you. It's about sneaker sizing, that is, the familiar question of which sneaker models you need which sizes for. We're also taking a look at the WMNS sizes and giving you some simple tips on how you guys can buy the right sizes for women's sneakers right away. Since every manufacturer has slightly different sizes, finding the right sizing can be a bit of a pain. Therefore: Stay tuned!

Sneaker Sizing - general info about the launch

It's hard to tell if you have the same size for every manufacturer. First of all, we'll check the normal sizes here and give you an overview of UK / US / WMNS and EU sizes. I assume that you all know your EU shoe sizes and with the size chart below you can read off your respective sizes in US / EU and WMNS US / EU.

Sneaker sizing chart

What the WMNS US Sizes are all about

The conversion from US sizes to EU sizes does not follow any logic, it was simply determined that way and if you regularly buy new sneakers or hyped shoes, you should simply try to remember your US size. But now there are the WMNS US Sizes, which are unfortunately somewhat different from the men's US Sizes. Since many shoes are given in men's sizes, it is rather important to know the men's US sizes.

But the good thing is, if you know your normal US size, you can easily calculate your WMNS size for shoes if you ever need it, for example for the hot WMNS exclusives by Jordan Brand or the Nike Dunk WMNS models.

Example: Nike releases a new women's Air Max and the sizes are given in WMNS US. If you normally have an EU42, so a US8.5, then you can work out your WMNS size by simply adding +1.5 to your normal US size. So to buy an EU42, you choose a WMNS US10. This seems quite complicated, but it is actually quite simple. An EU44, i.e. US10, is a WMNS US11.5 in the women's size, i.e. an EU44.

By the way, the whole sizing system doesn't mean that men can't wear a WMNS shoe! The same goes the other way around, just because it's sold in women's or men's sizes doesn't mean that the shoe can't be worn by everyone. The Air Jordan 1 Lucky Green in the photo below, for example, came out in WMNS sizing but is absolutely unisex and also very nice for men.


UK Size and other tips

Now, if you shop at a UK store, it may well be that the sizes are UK. By the way, if you order from but live outside the UK, you should be patient because of Brexit and maybe be prepared to spend a little bit more money than usual, as there are potential customs charges here.

With UK sizes, it's actually very simple. If you have a US10, i.e. an EU44, then you have a UK9 in England. You just have to subtract -1 from your normal US size and then you get the UK size.

A little tip on sizing: If you are unsure about what size you need, always check if the manufacturer says something. Often there are notes like: 'We recommend one size smaller'! Also, whether you buy a Stan Smith from adidas, a New Balance 574 from NB or an Air Force 1 from Nike, every manufacturer has a size chart on their website! Make use of it! Especially with adidas, who sometimes don't give their sizes in 0.5 steps but in 1/3 or 2/3, a table is always an advantage.