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Personalise Converse Sneakers with your Zodiac Sign

September 4, 2021 9:00 AM
Personalise Converse Sneakers with your Zodiac Sign

Converse has dropped a Mystic World pack that mainly features the Chuck Taylor All Star silhouette. The Converse sneakers have been transformed into all sorts of constellation colorways.

In 1917, Converse started producing the first basketball shoe ever, the Chuck Taylor. After five years, Converse decided to redesign the silhouette, because Chuck Taylor asked for more support and flexibility. After Converse added Taylor's signature to the ankle patch, the silhouette was named the 'Chuck Taylor All Star'.

In the 1960s, Converse occupied around 70-80% of the basketball footwear market. Then other similar shoes appeared on the market, which weakened the demand for these sneakers. Fortunately, the dip did not last long, because in the 80s the sneaker made a comeback outside the basketball court and became popular in the casual world. Currently, the silhouette is also very popular among younger people again!

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 'Mystic World'

As we mentioned, Converse has dropped the Mystic World Pack. This consists of several sneakers that have all been given a makeover revolving around zodiac signs, or otherwise known as constellations.

Converse Run Star Hike 'Mystic World' | 172433MP

The model known for the thick platform sole is back and it's composed in a great way. A black canvas base is overlaid with embroidered astrological prints. There are suns on the sides of the sneaker. Underneath the upper runs a thick, contrasting white midsole that provides optimal comfort and support.

Converse Mystic World

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 'Mystic World' | 572427MP

There is only one colorway on the Run Star Hike silhouette. So now we turn our attention to the Chuck Taylor All Star silhouette. This colorway also features a black canvas base with all sorts of embroidered figures on it. Just above the midsole, twelve constellations are depicted all around the upper. On the inner side of the tongue you can find a glass ball with the text 'Make Magic'.

Converse Mystic World

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 'Mystic World' | 572428MP

When we arrive at the second colorway, we can immediately see that it is composed very differently from the previous one. This one is a lot more colourful and eye-catching. The sneaker features a panther print in different colours. The colours and patterns are inspired by the healing and soothing colours of nature. This version also features a glass bolo and text on the inside of the tongue.

Converse Mystic World

In addition to these three sneakers, there are many other Mystic World versions available at converse. Check it all out on the Converse website. Also don't forget to keep checking Sneakerjagers for your daily dose of sneaker news.