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Our favourite items from the Asphaltgold Gift Guide

December 18, 2021 12:00 PM
Our favourite items from the Asphaltgold Gift Guide

With the holiday season just around the corner, Asphaltgold comes out with a Gift Guide. From small gifts like socks and hats, to sneakers and tote bags, Asphaltgold has the perfect gift for you. To give you a little inspiration, we've listed our favourite picks from the Gift Guide.

Small Gifts

We start our favourite picks with a few 'Small Gifts'. These items are perfect to add as a small gift to another gift, or when there is a budget attached to the gift.

Asphaltgold Gift Guide

1. Sneaker Freaker - Soled Out: The Golden Age of Sneaker Advertising

Delve into the world of sneakers and advertising with this remarkable book from Sneaker Freaker. Pairs like the Air Jordan 1, adidas Superstar and Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars are all in here. The book has about 900 vintage pictures of how the kicks were advertised in those days.

Sneaker Freaker - Soled Out
Sneaker Freaker - Soled Out
Asphaltgold Gift Guide

2. Nike Everyday Plus Cushioned Tie Dye Socks

You can never go wrong with a pair of socks. These high-top Nike socks have been given a tie-dye print and come in two different shades of pink. There is also a black Swoosh stitched on the items.

Nike Tie Dye Socks

3. Asphaltgold Cappuccino Set

For the coffee drinkers among us, we also have the Asphaltgold Capuccino Set. The set combines the colours black and white and has a chic look. On the plate you can read the words 'Culture. Aesthetics. Dedication' in white.

Asphaltgold Capuccino Set
Asphaltgold Gift Guide

Special Gifts

Need a special gift for someone special? With the Gift Guide, you can also shop a lot of special gifts. From remarkable sneakers to jumpers, you can't go wrong with these items.

Asphaltgold Gift Guide

4. New Balance M990PL3 'Made in USA'

The New Balance M990PL3 'Made in USA' is a real eye-catcher. The upper is mainly red with black accents on the tongue and heel. The N-logo on the middle panel is stitched in black and the soles are processed with ENCAP technology. This ensures that the pair is very comfortable.

New Balance M990PL3
Asphaltgold Gift Guide

5. Butter Goods Mohair Knit Pullover

A good pullover during the cold winter period is always handy. This pullover jumper from Butter Goods has a remarkable print and combines the colours black and white. Furthermore, the Butter Goods logo is stitched in white at the bottom left.

Butter Goods Mohair Knit Pullover

6. Nike ACG Mountain Fly 'GORE-Tex'

Another cool sneaker that you can find in Asphaltgold's Gift Guide is the Nike ACG Mountain Fly. This pair is completely leather-free and is constructed from GORE-TEX material. This makes the shoe not only very striking, but also water and weather resistant. The sneaker has been given a sock-like fit and GORE-TEX and Nike branding can be found all over the silhouette.

Nike ACG Mountain Fly 'GORE-Tex'
Nike ACG Mountain Fly 'GORE-Tex'
Asphaltgold Gift Guide

Asphaltgold Gifts

In addition to brands such as Nike, adidas and New Balance, you can also shop the best items from Asphaltgold itself. The store has a wide selection of clothing and accessories for the perfect gift.

Asphaltgold Gift Guide

7. Asphaltgold 'Outdoors' Places Tee

The Asphaltgold 'Outdoors' Places Tee is completely brown with black accents. Small prints can be found on the shirt, and the item is also part of the 'Outdoors' pack.

Asphaltgold Outdoors tee

8. Asphaltgold Canela Crewneck 'Culture'

A good crewneck is always a good idea. This crewneck by Asphaltgold is completely grey with 'Culture' stitched in pink on the chest. Besides 'Culture', the item is also available with the words 'Aesthetics' and 'Dedication'.

Asphaltgold Canela Crewneck
Asphaltgold Gift Guide

9. Asphaltgold 'Styleguide' Print Tee

Another cool shirt from the guide is this Printed Tee from the 'Styleguide' pack. The shirt is completely black with the Apshaltgold logo stitched in white on the back. Underneath are the words 'Culture. Aesthetic. Dedication. written underneath.

Asphaltgold Styleguide tee

10. Asphaltgold Corduroy Cap 'D'

Our latest favourite pick from the Gift Guide is this dark blue cap made from corduroy. On the front, the letter 'D' is stitched in an off-white shade and refers to the word 'Dedication'.

Asphaltgold Cap
Asphaltgold Gift Guide
Asphaltgold Gift Guide

Of course you can find a lot of other suitable items to give away during the holidays on the website. Would you rather scroll through the Gift Guide yourself? Just click on the button below.