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OH, SCHUHEN! and StockX are partnering up

April 12, 2023 4:37 PM
OH, SCHUHEN! and StockX are partnering up

Our friends from the German sneaker podcast OH, SCHUHEN! are partnering up with StockX, dear Community. The two brands have worked together on joint projects and campaigns for over three years. In April 2023, OH SCHUHEN! has closed a far-reaching partnership with StockX.

So first, lets check some facts:


Image StockX

OH, SCHUHEN! is a German podcast founded by Amadeus Thüner and Simon Bus, that also features Fabian 'Fabs' Gossler. In the podcast, the three sneaker enthusiasts tell their most interesting stories and experiences in the sneaker industry. Thüner and Bus started their podcast in 2018, and after over more than five years, they're still not done talking about their one and only passion; sneakers.

Next to OH, SCHUHEN! the guys are all working very successfully within the German and International sneaker industry. With great knowledge of the community as well as the industry, creative insights, and funny anecdotes, the podcast OH, SCHUHEN! has grown to be the number-one sneaker and streetwear podcast in Germany. Now, they are partnering up with StockX.

StockX x OH, SCHUHEN! Partnership

StockX was founded in 2015 in the US as a resell platform for sneakers. In the past years, the platform has quickly grown into a multi-category platform for sneakers, electronics, collectibles, apparel, and accessories. As a trusted global platform for consuming and trading the current culture, StockX has customers in more than 200 countries and territories and has surpassed 12 million lifetime buyers.

Since April 1, StockX is the official 2023 headline sponsor of OH, NEWS!, the weekly podcast news format of OH, SCHUHEN!. The two brands will collaborate each week to round up the biggest news and releases from the sneaker and fashion world, showcasing StockX's extensive catalog and positioning it as the leading marketplace for coveted items.


"We are very pleased that the respected team at StockX is relying on us for their expansion strategy and that together we can continue and expand the partnership we started three years ago," Thüner, founder of OH, SCHUHEN! says.

"This is equally a positive sign for the European sneaker culture as well as for German-language podcast marketing. Together with StockX we are planning some exciting projects and episodes beyond the headsponsoring and giveaways for our listeners – straight for the community, straight for the culture!"

That's how we love it from OH, SCHUHEN! Make sure to check out the next episodes of OH, SCHUHEN! and OH, NEWS! via the button below. You can listen to the podcast on all major services. But be aware, the podcast is mostly German-spoken!

Are you now interested to get to know more about OH, SCHUHEN! and their work? Check out the German News of Sneakerjagers for the latest Episodes and more!