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OH, NICE! - The positive sneaker column

January 3, 2023 12:53 PM
OH, NICE! - The positive sneaker column

OH, SCHUHEN! is the first German-language sneaker & streetwear podcast. And together with our friends from Sneakerjagers, we now bring you this column once a month. A column about the good moments in our sneaker scene. Good vibes only!

Let's check out the initial situation: our small but fine sneaker and streetwear culture is getting bigger and bigger and more suitable for the masses. For a long time now, we can no longer talk about a small and special scene. At the end of 2022, the love of sneakers is a worldwide phenomenon and is here to stay.

The scene is meanwhile as big as it is diverse. You can no longer recognise a sneakerhead by the classic streetwear "uniform" aka Pinroll, matching cap with sneaker, etc. And that's just as well.

There is no longer ONE big trend!

There is no longer one big trend. No more just dad shoes or just Jordans or just dunks. Rather, a wide variety of styles are enjoying their well-deserved attention right now. Y2K is a huge thing for the "Tiktok generation"; basketball silhouettes are also experiencing a revival outside of dunks; Gorpcore is becoming more and more prominent through brands like Salomon, Hoka or Norda Run. Just think of the hype that the collabo between HiddenNY and Salomon has triggered.

Salomon x Hidden New York
Hidden Salomon 
Hidden Sneaker
Trend Sneaker 2022
Salomon Trend
Instagram @ama302

This is reflected in particular at events. Yes, that's right, events. Finally, since the beginning of the pandemic, happenings for sneaker and streetwear enthusiasts are taking place again. Like the recent CrepeCity in 2022, which took place in Berlin for the first time. We didn't want to miss out and reported live from the event:


...according to StockX Vice-President Derek Morrison. He is right about that. True to the motto "Each one teach one", our scene continues to evolve. Everyone can learn from each other. Get excited about new things like 3D-printed sneakers or the relevance of the adidas Adimatic for Japanese skate culture. Or be it simply to explain to the hype kid of today: The Jordan 1 may have a down year in terms of resell and hype, but it will forever be one of the most significant sneakers for almost any subculture.

So difficult but so easy

We were excited about 2022's "Top Sneaker" posts, because we at OH, SCHUHEN! agree: it has never been as difficult as this year to choose your top picks. But it's all the easier to wear good sneakers. So that's a good thing after all.

Until the next edition of OH, NICE! check out the OH, SCHUHEN! podcast and our news format OH, NEWS! as well as the latest news from Sneakerjagers!