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Now available! Where's Waldo x Vans

January 12, 2021 5:10 PM
Now available! Where's Waldo x Vans

For 30 years, young and old have been looking for the man in the red & white striped shirt. We are of course talking about the game: 'Where's Waldo?', or 'Where's Wally?'. At Vans they are also fans of the game and use it as inspiration for their latest release. Four classic Vans sneakers have been given a Where's Waldo makeover. So the sneakers are all about the search for Waldo. We discuss the four pairs from this Where's Waldo x Vans pack below!

Besides sneakers, which drop in full family sizing, we also see clothes by Waldo x Vans. Shirts and jumpers completely in Waldo style. Besides the fact that we clearly see the Where's Waldo theme, the style of Vans is also recognizable. The clothes and sneakers are not only fun for children. You too can rock this!

Where's Waldo x Vans

Waldo x Vans Sk8-Hi

The Vans Sk8-Hi is a true classic and is still worn a lot. So the sneaker certainly belongs in this collaboration. This time the Sk8-Hi is inspired by a character from the Where's Waldo series. Odwal, the "bad guy" of the game. This character has the same outfit as Waldo, but black & yellow coloured. The Vans Sk8-Hi has these two colours on its suede top. On the sides we see the chequered Vans print. Pictures can be found at the bottom of this blog.

Waldo x Vans Old Skool

The Vans Old Skool is still a very popular sneaker and has seen all the colours and prints pass by. This time the sneaker is completely inspired by Waldo's wardrobe. The upper part has the same red & white stripes as on Waldo's shirt. Over the white laces we see red question marks, which refer to the search for the character. The white sole has been given extra detail by the Where's Waldo logo.

Waldo x Vans Slip On

The perfect sneaker for summer. Also this is still a favourite. On the top we see this time the, perhaps most famous game of Where's Waldo. This game causes a lot of frustration with the people, because it is very difficult to find Waldo! The sneaker is finished with red details and has a white sole.

Where's Waldo x Vans

Waldo x Vans Authentic

Several Where's Waldo characters are depicted all over the top of the Vans Authentic. The characters can be seen in stamps, which we also see more often in the search game. The base of this sneaker is white, which makes it look less crowded than the other pairs. Take a good look at all the sneaker at the bottom of this blog!

All Where's Waldo x Vans sneakers and clothing is now available at Vans! Keep an eye on the Sneakerjagers blogs and release calendar so you'll never miss a release. Follow Sneakerjagers on Facebook for extra news and sneaker content!

Where's Waldo x Vans
Where's Waldo x Vans