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Nike WMNS Air Max 'Cuban Link'

June 17, 2020 6:27 PM
Nike WMNS Air Max 'Cuban Link'

BLING BLING! ?- Nike blasts out two extremely beautiful colorways on two of the all-time classics from the Air Max family for women! The Nike WMNS Air Max 'Cuban Link' pack surprises all of us with a very special one! Here we get a very cool gem to the kickz. Be prepared, further down in the blog post you'll find all the info about the colorway and more pictures. But now first the release info about the beautiful pairs:

Release Infos

The two Air Max are already in the starting blocks and will not be long in coming. Both sneakers from the Nike WMNS Air Max 'Cuban Link' pack will be released on Friday, June 19, 2020 at selected retailers. From 09:00 am in the morning you will have the chance to cop one of the shoes. The Nike WMNS Air Max 90 'Cuban Link' is available for €150 & the Nike WMNS Air Max 95 'Cuban Link' is available for €180. BUT WHERE? - With a simple click on the button of your favourite you will be redirected to a list of all retailers who will sell the shoe. ⬇️


An extremely cool special:

Like Nike has done it before, there is a very cool special for the release. As you can see over here, the two kickz stand out from all other releases this week by a simple anklet! A simple idea, but one that will make every Nike fan happy! The Nike Air Max 90 designed by Tinker Hatfield comes with silver chains + gold Swoosh. On the other hand you get the Nike Air Max 95 with gold chain + silver Swoosh. Buy both for you and you will have both gold and silver chains! ????

Why 'Cuban Link' ???


"a special style of jewelry be it a neck chain or bracelet"

As you can see, Nike naturally thought about the naming of these two gems. Even though, if you think about it afterwards, it is quite obvious to name the shoe with its additional piece of jewellery like this. The type of this chain is in fact called exactly that. Good to know! I didn't knew that myself. ?

Colorway's got it too!

Okay, it should be clear by now that the chain is a real special, which alone will inspire many girls to buy the sneakers. Exclusivity always scores points! But also the coloring can do a lot and could attract some attention. Let's start with my personal favorite of the Nike WMNS Air Max 'Cuban Link' pack:


Nike WMNS Air Max 90 'Cuban Link'

It's actually funny that the 90s is my favourite, although I first entered this cool world in 1995. Whatever, as long as it's Air Max! ❤️ But now let's get down to the details of the shoe: We get a relatively colorful colorway, but it is by no means flashy or similar. Let's start with the base: Here we get a beige mesh, which has a nice, also beige tan leather as an overlay. The typical mud protection on the outside of the shoe, as well as the complete midsole, comes in a dark 'Velvet Brown'. In addition to the whole look there is a pink Swoosh. Voilà! The fresh sneaker for you girls is complete!

Nike WMNS Air Max 95 'Cuban Link'


Nice! All in all the Nike Air Max 95 got the same colorway as the 90's here. Just a few colors here and there in another place. The Air Max 95 is definitely available in a slightly darker look. Here the brown dominates, which runs over midsole and half of the upper. The pink we found on the Swoosh before, we get here on the upper, near the laces. The small Swoosh on the heel has been given a slight yellow tint and the Air units are also yellow.

My conclusion

Nike is definitely creating a hype among the girls with the two new Nike WMNS Air Max 'Cuban Link'! I myself like the colorway very much, and the little special about it will surely make every fan of the brand impatient. Well, as I said, it's actually not the most fancy idea to add a small anklet to the kickz. But as we all know, Instagram is increasingly taking over the opinion making and buying behavior of all of us. Therefore this release will be lit. Because you have to think about it: YOU GET A NIKE NECKLACE! And can now present this on every new cool Insta post in the world. Whether this is all cool and correct is a matter of time. But from a marketing point of view, everything is definitely done right! Try this.

We are looking forward to the release of the two Air Max and surely you are too! Or is it? This week we also have released a WMNS highlight for the Air Jordan fans among you >> Air Jordan 11 Low WMNS 'Concord' << Enjoy!