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Nike sues sneaker designer John Geiger

September 6, 2021 9:00 AM
Nike sues sneaker designer John Geiger

Nike has sued shoe designer John Geiger for allegedly copying the Nike Air Force 1. Geiger's latest GF-01 model is said to be too similar to the original Nike Air Force 1 design. Nike started a lawsuit against Geiger and shoe manufacturer La La Land Production & Design.

Geiger’s GF-01 versus Air Force 1

Two days before the final release of the GF-01 on 28 August, John Geiger and sneaker producer La La Land Production & Design were sued by Nike. According to Nike, John Geiger would try to make money on the iconic design of the Air Force 1 and La La Land would help Geiger.

John Geiger reacted almost immediately to Nike's accusation and vented his heart on social media. According to Geiger, the model of the GF-01 is inspired by the Nike sneaker, but is not a fake. He would also have always indicated where his inspiration came from.

On his Instagram, Geiger says he wants to fight Nike and stand up for the smaller companies and designers in the sneaker community.

Trademark from Nike

But what about those Nike trademarks? In June 2021, Nike finally got the patent on the Air Jordan 1 model. After 35 years Nike got the trademark they had been waiting for. A profit for the company, who with this patent could sue companies when they sold the Air Jordan 1 model as an imitation.

Since then it is forbidden for companies and bootleggers to copy models like the Air Jordan 1 High, Low and Mid. Currently Nike does not have a patent on the Air Force 1 model and this makes it very difficult for them to sue Geiger.

Nike's official patent on the Air Jordan 1 l Photo by Sneaker Law Firm

Second indictment for La La Land

Shoe manufacturer La La Land has been in tougher scrapes before. In December 2020, the company was also sued by Nike in collaboration with Warren Lotas. Lotas started selling sneakers in 2019 that looked suspiciously like Nike's Dunk Lows.

Less than a year later after the first pairs were sold, Lotas was already dealing with Nike and was dragged into court along with La La Land Design & Productions, which manufactured the shoes. Although Nike and Lotas have settled their dispute, La La Land Design & Production is still in conflict with Nike over the dunks. And now with the new GF-01.

John Geiger's GF-01 l Photo by John Geiger Co.

Apart from John Geiger's Instagram post, there has been no reaction from La La Land regarding the lawsuit. Where and when this lawsuit will take place is still unknown. Keep an eye on our news page for the latest updates and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.