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Nike Space Hippie 04: Go Sustainable! ♻️

March 10, 2021 4:00 PM
Nike Space Hippie 04: Go Sustainable! ♻️

Last year Nike brought out the Space Hippie model. A special feature of this model is that the shoes are made from recycled materials. Fortunately, Nike continues this trend and has now released the Space Hippie 04 especially for women. Check out the sustainable Nike Space Hippie 04 here!

Nike Space Hippie 04
Images by Sneakerjagers

Trash Transformed

Nike is developing more and more sustainable models. When making shoes, a lot of waste is produced. Normally, this waste is thrown away, which is a shame, isn't it? Nike thought so too: they chose to ''transform'' this waste into material for a sneaker.

Meanwhile, there are already several variants of the Space Hippie collection. There is the Space Hippie 01, 02, 03 and 04. What is special about these sneakers is that they consist of no less than 25 to 50% recycled waste.

Nike Space Hippie 04
Space Hippie

Space Hippie 04 (W) | CD3476-002

This women's model of the Space Hippie 04 consists of 25% recycled material. It is also the lightest design of the Space Hippies and has the smallest environmental impact. The upper consists of a special material, which Nike calls 'Space Waste Yarn'. This part consists almost entirely of recycled materials such as: shirts, fabric and plastic bottles.


This time, a dark grey colour has been chosen for the upper. In addition, black details have been added. For example, the 04 logo on the tongue stands out, which has been given orange numbers. Also added is a large label on the heel that has the NIKE logo in the Space Hippie layout. Matching the orange 04 logo, clear orange stitches have also been used that stand out. The swooshes on this model have been kept subtle with the large swoosh being stitched on the side with white thread. The small black swoosh can be seen on the side of the toe.

Of course, the thick sole cannot be missed on this model either. The sole is very comfortable due to the special 'Crater Foam'. Most striking are the coloured speckles on the sole.

recycled sneakers

Do you think durability is important? Then choose the Nike Space Hippie 04 for women. This allows you to combine your sneaker passion with contributing to a better world. You can now shop the pair at Nike for €140. Also check out the Sneakerjagers Blog to read more about sustainable sneakers!