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Nike SB Dunk: An icon, a story, a hype

September 17, 2020 5:00 PM
Nike SB Dunk: An icon, a story, a hype

Is the Nike SB Dunk Low THE silhouette of the year, dear community? Without a doubt, the now legendary Sneaker Style is playing in the top of that category! Today we want to take a look behind the scenes with you: What makes the silhouette this special? Where does it originate? What were the most hyped colorways so far? That and much more you will learn here today. It will be exciting, I can say that much. Let's go!

Nike SB Dunk - your #TheCrew Background Check

Our story begins in 1985, when we dropped the very first Nike Dunk: A high version of the Nike Dunk, which was still geared towards basketball. Therefore the fitting name! The kicks were created by Nike designer Peter Moore and the style of the upper is inspired by the Air Jordan 1 and the Nike Terminator model. But also the Air Force 1 could be described as the big brother of the Nike Dunks. Another well thought out feature of the kicks is/was the colour-blocking and the colour style on the upper.

The Dunk High silhouette is especially known for the 'Be true to your school Pack' from Nike. At that time many colleges got their own Dunk model and in the course of the Dunk history these colorways slowly but surely became a cult. The very first Dunk looked like this by the way:

Nike Skateboarding - how did the SB Dunk models develop?

Today we know the popular silhouette from Nike under the name: Nike SB Dunk. The SB of course stands for skateboarding and Nike SB, which has become an established own brand of the swoosh brand. But how did we get from the basketball court to the skate park so quickly? To answer that question, we'll turn back the clock a little, by 18 years to be precise.

Because in 2002 Nike SB was founded. And the brand quickly made the Dunk Silhouette its flagship. The reason for this is very simple and we find it when we take a look at the functional features of the Kicks. The Nike SB Dunk was designed with a flat midsole. It also features good cushioning, good grip and a comfortable fit on the foot. Great features for a basketball shoe. But also skaters quickly learned to love this style, because the sneakers are also ideal for the board.

So the cult history of the Nike SB Dunk takes its course and as we know today, the style goes through the roof pretty fast!

The Nike Dunk Low hype in 2020

Depending on how you calculate, the Dunk has been around for 35 years now. Nike SB threw a big party in 2017 for the 15th anniversary of their Nike SB Dunk model. Because with the adoption of the Dunk Style into the SB series, the kicks have been reworked and optimized for skating. One example is the reinforced tongue and the Upper, which is made out of one piece. So you could say the second hour of birth and as we know today, the beginning of an era and the start of a story that will bring us THE Hype 2020.

Because in the meantime - and this is no longer a secret, dear community - the SB Dunk Low Silhouette is on everyone's lips. Every drop is difficult to get and sold out instantly. We also see the Nike SB Dunk High Silhouette more and more often and there will be some more awesome styles released on this silhouette in 2020. Just check our release calendar regularly and you won't miss any important Nike SB Dunk releases.

Another milestone in the SB Dunk history was the 'Pigeon' Dunk. Because these kicks have completely changed the sneaker culture of today! The shoe was limited to 300 pieces at its release and 150 of them were only available in selected shops. But because the demand for the kicks has been so great, people camped outside the shops to get a pair - the birth of the campouts!

By the way, the Nike SB Dunk Low 'Pigeon' is now being sold at a very high price on the reseller market! Have a look here at our partner StockX:


Nike Dunk meets Virgil Abloh, Travis Scott, Comme des Garçons...

The list of top collabs on the silhouette that is the subject of today's event is breathtaking, dear community. Besides Travis Scott, Virgil Abloh, Commes des Garçons, the Air Jordan OG Colorway and all the retro releases, you can hardly believe what has happened on the Dunk. I have a whole bunch of hyped Dunk releases running through my head when I think about it, do you guys feel the same way?

Ben & Jerry's, Off-White, Medicom and Grateful Dead are other renowned names that should definitely be mentioned here. Furthermore colorways like Plum, Safari, Lemon Wash, Brazil and and and.

And what's there to come, dear community 😳! I can't get out of my rapture any more. But you probably feel the same way. In our Sneaker News under the keyword Dunk you can read all the important information and the sometimes really exciting stories about the hyped dunk drops of the past. You might also be interested in our category for updates. Because there we show you regularly new speculations and leaks from the latest hyped releases!