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Nike Be-Do-Win - part of the Move To Zero campaign

September 24, 2021 2:00 PM
Nike Be-Do-Win - part of the Move To Zero campaign

Nike continues its 'Move To Zero' campaign with the new Nike Be-Do-Win sneaker. The pair is made from various recycled materials and is introduced as a lifestyle shoe.

With the 'Move To Zero' campaign, Nike tries to make its way of working as sustainable as possible. The brand does this through a number of objectives. One of these objectives is to strive for a waste-free and CO2-neutral production process.

Nike Be-Do-Win | DR6694-400

The Nike Be-Do-Win has a unique design where different colours and materials come together. On the upper of the kicks you can find a light blue middle panel. This is covered with green and blue overlays on the heel, mudguard and around the laces. Furthermore, the collar of the model is coloured yellow.

Nike Be-Do-Win | DR6694-400
Images via Nike

The sneaker is mainly made of suede, except for the tongue and toe box. These are made of mesh. Over the tongue, there are beige laces with blue accents.

As we are used to from Nike models, we find the well known Swoosh sign on the side of the sneakers. On the Be-Do-Win, Nike replaces this element with the Nike logo. This can be found on the middle panel in the colour black. In addition, there is "Be-Do-Win" embroidered on the heel in different colours.

Nike Be-Do-Win

Finally, the silhouette takes with it an unusual midsole. This component is made of recycled foam and appears to be deformed. The outsole is also made of the same recycled material. These soles both come in a beige shade.

Be-Do-Win DR6694-400
Nike DR6694-400
Nike Be-Do-Win move to zero

The Nike Be-Do-Win unfortunately does not have an exact release date yet, but the pair is expected this fall. Do you want to stay informed about this release? Check out our release calendar and don't forget to follow us on social media!