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Nike announces date for SNKRS Day 2023

July 27, 2023 11:41 AM
Nike announces date for SNKRS Day 2023

Nike makes it official: SNKRS Day will take place worldwide on 09 September in 2023! Of course, this is a reason for us to celebrate, even if we have to wait a month longer than usual. In 2023 SNKRS Day is open to all global members for the first time ever. Nike is celebrating the birthday of the SNKRS app like every year since its launch. There are also some special offers, events, rare releases and more that you don't want to miss.

In recent years, owners of the app have been surprised with many exclusive drops, unexpected highlights and gifts. It is always exciting to see what Nike has come up with for SNKRS Day, because every year there is something new that no one expected.

If you want to be part of SNKRS Day 2023, you should make sure to download the SNKRS App and become a member of the community if you haven't already!


The Nike SNKRS app offers sneaker fans many advantages. It gives exclusive access to all news & stories of the current collections, info on events and releases. Through the app you can participate in raffles and try to get hold of special and rare sneakers.

Thanks to the app, you can furthermore learn more about the inspiration and history of iconic sneakers, read exciting background information about athletes and, of course, exchange style tips with the SNKRS community. And there is much more! Check it out here >>

On 09 September 2023, Sneakerjagers will celebrate SNKRS Day together with Nike and sneaker fans around the world. The love for sneakers and the community will be huge on this day. Innovative design, background stories and legendary models and colorways are on the agenda on SNKRS Day.

To make sure you have the day on your calendar and don't miss anything from the event, we recommend our free Sneakerjagers app!

Feel free to let us know via Instagram what you expect from SNKRS Day 2023. We are looking forward to seeing what special releases and specials you are hoping for!