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Nike - Air Presto and Air Max 95 get famous Naija colorway

September 26, 2020 12:33 PM
Nike - Air Presto and Air Max 95 get famous Naija colorway

Naija is back at Nike, dear community. If you don't know exactly what I mean by that, then you've come to the right place. Because the two new sneaker styles not only come optically in a special colorway, there is also a story behind it. Naija, that's another word for Nigeria, so much for a little hint at the beginning. But before we take a closer look at the styles, let's have a look at the release info.

We get a Nike Air Presto 'Naija' and also a Nike Air Max 95 'Naija'. The sneakers will be on the market on Monday 28 September 2020 at 09:00 am at Nike and other retailers. The price for the Presto is 120€ and for the AM95 170€. Click on the two buttons to get more information about the purchase:

Naija and Nike - a success story

So, now we already know that Naija also means Nigeria and with this information we are actually already in the middle of our story. Because the style of the new kicks is based on the current jersey of the Nigerian national football team. The guys from Nigeria have always had very chic and especially sought-after jersey styles in the past. Some years ago, their World Cup jersey was sold out all over the world. The Nigerian national football team is one of the most successful African national teams and has had Nike as a sponsor for quite some time.

More precisely, the cooperation lasted from 1994-2002 and since 2015 the two actors are working together again to this day. This has already resulted in some great jersey designs that make fans all over the world jealous. This year, Nike has tried to combine traditional aesthetics and historical aspects with modern elements and they have succeeded brilliantly. The pattern here is hand-drawn and inspired by traditional Agbada garments from Nigeria. When the jersey came out, Twitter went completely crazy and every football fan, it seemed, was jealous of this look.

Here you can have a look at this beautiful thing. Soon it will be available again at Nike for fans in the re-release, because the first set was sold out super fast. Click on the picture to get an overview of the whole equipment:

And when are the sneakers coming?

The jersey design was also used for the two new sneaker releases from Nike. Some time ago an Air Zoom freak with this colorway was released, maybe you remember, dear community.

The new Air Presto 'Naija' is of course also available in the green shades with the special pattern. On the upper you can see the style we know from the jersey design. Together with the black outsole this is a great look. Naija' as lettering, is here again immortalised on the heel. How does it look in detail?

Nike Air Presto Naija
Naija Sneaker
Naija Pack von Nike
Nike Air Presto Naija CJ1229-300

The Nike Air Max 95 'Naija' also comes in a mix of green and black. Here the layers, which traditionally make up the design of the kicks, are decorated with different patterns. In the Insole the Nigerian national team was immortalized with their logo. No matter if you are a football fan or not, these styles simply convince! With attention to detail, great colours and a story.

The materials here are also very high quality. Overlays made of suede are part of this and the individual AM95 layers feature different textures. Of course, the typical branding on the tongue and the little swooshes are not missing.

Nike Air Max 95 Naija
CW2360-300 Nike Air Max 95
Nike Naija Air Max 95
Nigeria Triko Design auf dem Nike Air Max 95 Naija

So, let's note: Mark 28 September 2020 in the calendar, or even easier: Use the button here in the blog post to set a release alarm. Then you will be notified as soon as the kicks are released.

If you are a football fan, you might be interested to know that we have already prepared a few stories on the topic for you reffering to the football. Feel free to have a look here!

For all further sneaker releases, I can only recommend our release calendar. With it you will always be up to date concerning the latest sneakers.