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'Nike Air Max Plus Styling Men' Guide by Le!

May 15, 2020 6:59 PM
'Nike Air Max Plus Styling Men' Guide by Le!

Recently in Amsti: 'Yo Le, got a Nike Air Max Plus in your size - you're writing an article about a 'Nike Air Max Plus Styling Guide for Men' today. Make something nice out of it or you're out of here!'

Dear community, welcome to this 'kinda different' blog that could really endanger my existence … Joking besides, I won't fly out the window, I still prefer doors over windows! Had I been handed the 'Air Max 270' from last week, I could have easily written a styling blog or even better an 'Air Jordan' - preferably the one in our office, the 'Air Jordan 1 Retro High Off-White Chicago'! But yes, it could have ended up worse, so welcome welcome to my styling blog!

And by the way… this is not a self promo here, but did you hear about Alyssa Carson's crazy Mars landing in her Air Max 2090? No? Then take a look at this blog 'Breaking news: Nike Air Max 2090 - Alyssa Carson makes her Mars landing!'. Although... wouldn't be a Nike shoe with a 'Lunarlon' sole be better for the 'Mars landing'? What is your opinion about this? Lunarlon, Metcon, Zoom Sb - actually crazy. Who did Nike hire to name the shoe models…?

Nike Air Max Plus in my backpack!

So I pack the kickz in my backpack… yes you read it right, I just packed the sneakers in my backpack and took off! Below you will find a video where you can see how I unpack my backpack! Sean McDowell would have turned over in his grave, … although the guy is still alive! So maybe he would have done a triple backflip from a standing start. Wait! You don't know who Sean McDowell is? He designed the Nike Air Max Plus! His inspiration for the silhouette was the sunset at the beach.

And have you seen the 'Unboxing' video? Easy peacy I opened my backpack and there are the nice kickz! Did you see the air cushioning! Whew! Really nice and yes, this is the 'Nike Air Max Plus OG Hyper Blue', which was released in 2018. By the way: If you want to buy the exact same shoe, then have a look at our partner StockX!

Kickz on Le's feet

Here I slip into the Nike Air Max Plus. It's easy, as you can see right below… How do you wear your Nike Air Max Plus? Do you tie your laces inside or outside? Do you prefer Nike's long or short socks?

By the way: You don't have any Nike socks? Then click on the picture below to cop a pair! I also had to buy more socks because it is still quite cold here in Amsterdam!

Nike Everyday Lightweight

By the way: Can you remember when you first slipped into the Air Max Plus? How your foot touched the insole and you easily felt 5 cm taller and the sneaker was extremely comfy? That's what exactly happened to me!

Outfit pics in the nice kickz!

Now we come to the guide! So that it doesn't get too boring, we've shot some pics and as you've already seen, some vids in our home office! By we I mean my 'Pen-Pusher' colleague @kevin! Shout out to the boy! #TheCrew let's get it!

Kickz in jogging suit

Dear community, this style simply could not be missing in this styling guide! The kickz in combination with a nice jogging suit always work! This combination is a top notch! No matter if you are at home or going out - with this style you will rock your hood! Don't forget your hip bag - get one from Nike! You can find the video for this look below!

By the way: How about combining your 'Shark Kickz' with a Saint Germain shirt or a complete tracksuit! If you like the clothes underneath, just click on the picture!

Nike Heritage
Paris Saint-Germain

Baggy Clothes with Nike Air Max Plus

Baggy baggy - boys unpack your 'Large' or 'XL' stuff, because with this combination you won't go wrong with ya kickz! I wear my 'fisherman look' for this blog entry, but with wide jeans you also can rock the 'baggy' look too! You can find the videos of the styles below! Would you also combine the shoe like this or 'Nah, I'll pass the style'?

By the way: You don't have a Nike Air Max Plus yet? Then take a look at our Air Max Plus Collection and cop a pair! Unfortunately the colorway we have here in this blog is no longer available.

Festival / 80s Look

Summer is coming soon and hopefully you can put your Nike Air Max Plus back on and rock outside. Since the kickz I got have a more flashy colorway, I combined this one with a colorful top! With shorts, in my case with 'black' pants, you can rock the next outdoor festival! Don't forget your 'hip bag'! Enjoy the Video!

That's it from the blog, more models besides the Nike Air Max Plus like the Vapormax, the Huarache, the Cortez, Golf Shoes, Sandals, the Air Force or the Nike Free Flyknit can be found on the Nike website!

I hope you enjoyed the blog! I pack the pairs into my backpack and hope that my employer doesn't throw me out of the window. Until then ciao! If I don't upload any blogs anymore then you know what happened! At least I am in Amsterdam.

Otherwise take a look at our Sneaker Collection, we don't have a Flywire, Lunarlon or Metcon, but you will find a Zoom Sb there! So follow us on our social media channels - Instagram & Facebook! We are looking forward to every like or follow!