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Nike Air Max Plus - Four Cool Lacing Styles

June 17, 2021 11:37 AM
Nike Air Max Plus - Four Cool Lacing Styles

Today we're going to show you a total of 4 different ways to lace up your fresh Nike Air Max Plus. We'll even show you exactly how you can apply the cool styles yourself and pimp your own Nike Air Max Plus TN!

But wait - Nike Air Max Plus or Nike Air Max Plus TN?

This Nike Air silhouette with the famous Air cushioning first appeared in 1998 under the name Air Max Plus. Right from the start, the model was a sales hit, but the shoe was rebranded and is now called Air Max TN!

By the way: TN stands for "Tuned Air" and that means a running shoe!

Nike Air Max Plus - These are the coolest lacing styles

Note: The beautiful shoe we're styling below is the Nike Air Max Plus OG 'Hyper Blue'.

N°1 - The 08/15 Lacing

Nike Air Max Plus

We start with the simplest styles. Here I've made the Air Max Plus easy peasy with simple crossovers of the laces through each eyelet and tied it up with a neat bow. I'm a real perfectionist when it comes to this kind of thing and I think a few things are pretty important when it comes to lacing. Even with 08/15 lacing, like you learned from mum and dad, I think you should make sure that there is a certain symmetry when threading the laces. Explained very simply: When lacing, have you started to put the left lace over the right? Keep to that. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but as is often the case, the details are the icing on the cake. ?✌?

Here is another picture focusing on the lacing:

Nike Air Max TN

N°2 - The Loose Fit

Tuned Air

Round 2 in the Air Max Plus Lacing Style Blog makes the 'Loose Fit'. This lacing style is seen on most wearers of TN's as it gives a loose running feel and gives the shoe an easy makeover. This lacing style can be used in two different ways. 1. you can simply tighten the laces and press the loose laces into the inside of each shoe. This will definitely give you an extremely loose and comfortable feel in the shoe. 2. lace a loop like the 08/15 lacing and hide it behind the tongue of each shoe. This gives you the exact same look, but you don't have to sacrifice the stable fit of the shoe. ?

Nike Air Max Plus

N°3 - Loose & Untied

Air Max Plus TN

The next style is already a level up in terms of difficulty. But don't worry, I even made a video for you for this lacing technique! This lacing style is one of my personal favourites and adds a good bit of casualness to every sneaker and Air Max. Similar to the Loose Fit, we don't get a loop or any other knot that makes it more stable. You could also call this method a cooler version of the Loose Fit. It's a matter of taste, of course! Here we have to pass the laces through the penultimate eyelet once twice to be able to shorten the laces. Then simply cross over and pull the laces through the top eyelet - Et voilà! You can rock your Nike Air Max Plus with the Loose & Untied look!

Too imprecise? Here you get the promised little video tutorial:

N°4 - The Bun Knot

Nike Air Max Plus

The last lacing technique of this blog is that of the bun knot. I deliberately put this lacing technique last because it is the most difficult of the four. Okay, it's not overly difficult either, but it requires the most dexterity! Personally, I think the bun knot is pretty cool and, with matching laces, also pretty cool with the silhouette of the Nike Air Max Plus. I've seen the style myself on photos of sneakers like the Nike Air Max 90 or Air Max 1s quite often. Especially on high-top sneakers like the Air Jordan 1, this lacing style really makes a statement and attracts a lot of attention on the streets. No wonder, because this lacing is definitely not normal!

How To: If you want to rock the look yourself, watch out now. First tighten your sneakers with the laces. Then do the first step of a knot as usual and tighten your laces again. Now comes the crazy part: Grab both laces and take them in one hand. Wrap both laces twice around the index finger of your other hand and try to carefully untie the laces from your finger in their current form. Pull the laces through the hole created and at the same time push the knot you now have in the direction of the tongue of your shoe. And wham! A little straightening and pulling and the look is yours!


Alrighty, that's it for my Nike Air Max Plus Lacing Style Blog. I really hope I inspired you with these cool lacing techniques.

If you want to get yourself a new Air Max Plus to rock the lacing styles, then check out our sneaker collection. There you'll find several colorways of this silhouette from all kinds of retailers. Here you will surely find what you are looking for!