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Nike Air Force 1 Low QS 'Puerto Rico' - Caribbean Vibes

May 29, 2020 4:09 PM
Nike Air Force 1 Low QS 'Puerto Rico' - Caribbean Vibes

[Update: June 11, 2020] Unfortunately we have to inform you that Nike has completely cancelled the release of the Air Force 1 Low QS 'Puerto Rico'. The reason for this is that the design is not 100% identical to the AF1 Puerto Rico, which was already released in 2000. A pity!

[Update: June 2, 2020] The release of the Nike AF1 Low QS 'Puerto Rico' has unfortunately been delayed a little bit. With the button in this blog you can set a release alert and we will inform you as soon as the shoe is released. In this blog you will get all information about the style in advance!

"Let's get the hell out of here right now, from L.A. to Puerto Rico." Well, don't you get the urge for a vacation in the sun? Lying under palm trees on a Caribbean beach and sipping a delicious cocktail - that's where I see myself now! This is (unfortunately) not about a great holiday, but about a very special sneaker! What the Nike Air Force 1 Low QS 'Puerto Rico' has to offer and why I see myself on a Caribbean beach now, you can find out here:

Release details: Let's start with the most important information. The release of the Nike Air Force 1 Low QS 'Puerto Rico' is not definite yet. But then it will be available for €130. Click on the button below to go directly to the sneaker in our Release Calendar:

For all of you who want to stay tuned now, we have taken a closer look at the shoe here. Have fun and maybe you'll get a little bit of holiday feeling.

Nike Air Force 1 - Puerto Rico I'm coming!

Let's take a closer look at the colorway. So we actually get a plain white Air Force 1 Low - a white leather upper. It comes with a dark blue outsole and an inner lining in the same color. We also find dark blue details on the heel and the midsole.

But why exactly Puerto Rico now? Well, that's pretty obvious, actually. Because on the outside, as well as on the tongue of the shoe there is: The flag of the Caribbean island state Puerto Rico! It is colored in blue, white and red. That's probably why Nike thought, oh man, we'll make the Nike Air logo on the heel in red after all. And ready is the sneaker! Check it out for yourself here:


#TheCrew background check

Where is Puerto Rico and what does it have to offer? ?

The island state Puerto Rico is located in the Caribbean and nevertheless (as an outer area) belongs to the USA. The island with the capital San Juan impresses with its beautiful and also with its diverse nature. This includes not only the beautiful Caribbean beaches, but also mountain landscapes, waterfalls and a rainforest.

So a really nice place to spend your holidays! Or what do you think? And to prepare for your next holiday in the Caribbean, you can put on the right shoes. Because in my opinion the new Air Force in the Puerto Rico look embodies exactly what the island state also embodies - warmth, nature, beauty and a certain coolness.

Of course we also have a larger selection of sneakers for you. So just have a look at our Sneaker Collection. There you can find shoes from all your favourite brands. Herewith I say goodbye for today and dream a little bit more of my Caribbean vacation!