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New: Nike Air Force 1 GORE-TEX® - your leather sneakers for this season?

October 22, 2020 9:23 AM
New: Nike Air Force 1 GORE-TEX® - your leather sneakers for this season?

Autumn is slowly approaching, dear community! And once again we are getting a matching Air Force 1 GORE-TEX® collection from Nike, which equips us perfectly for the coming season with the popular leather sneaker styles. Almost traditionally Nike releases their GORE-TEX® kicks towards the end of the year. This is where function and extremely good Air Force style come together to create perhaps the best sneaker look for the fall. So the good news is: Also this fall and winter you don't have to change from your beloved sneakers to boots if you don't want to! But let's have a look at the whole thing in detail!

Nike Air Force GORE-TEX® - leather sneakers and more

Are you already familiar with GORE-TEX®, dear community? I don't have to tell you anything more about the popular silhouette of the Air Force. But if you want to check out the history of the Air Force Sneakers, then click here!

GORE-TEX® technologies are specially designed for outdoor and bad weather. So your feet always stay dry and warm and you don't have to give up your sneaker styles even in bad weather or even snow. Of course, the Nike Air Force 1 GORE-TEX® Kicks are by far not the only rugged sneakers with leather uppers on the market. But GORE-TEX® can do even more! The material of the sneakers is designed in such a way that not a drop of water penetrates. Instead of that water vapour escapes. In combination with the robust material of the uppers, this provides comfortable, warm, breathable but still robust and waterproof kicks. And they can also take a little dirt without getting mad at you 😉!

You can get a first impression here. This style from last year is still available in some shops! So if you don't want to wait for the new collection, you already have the chance to cop the sneakers here:

 CK2630-001 Nike Air Force Gore-Tex

GORE-TEX®, that comes from the textile manufacturer W.L. Gore & Associates. They sat down with Nike some time ago to create the ultimate all-weather sneaker. But other brands from the sneaker game have also taken advantage of the benefits of GORE-TEX®.

In detail, the GORE-TEX name of W. L. Gore & Associates stands for a membrane designed from polytetrafluoroethylene. Complicated! The bottom line is simply that it has properties that are specifically designed for bad weather conditions: windproof, waterproof, but as I said, water vapour permeable and therefore breathable. The material mix of leather and fabric makes these sneakers, like our Nike Air Force 1 GORE-TEX®, the best companions for the months with worse weather. And they wouldn't be Air Force looks, if they didn't look extremely chic too!

The new Air Force 1 at a glance

The new Nike's are available in black, olive green, brown and sail, similar to last year, but with some changes in design. As already indicated, all four have leather and textile materials that also look great in combination. In addition to the trendy autumn colours, we also find colour gradients and beautiful contrasts here and there. With the bright Sail colorway, whose style has convinced us quite often this year, a completely new look is added to the collection. All sneakers have a rubber outsole and of course the notorious air cushioning!

We have already done a photo shooting with the black colorway exclusively for you. A review about its special features you will get soon in our Sneaker News.

 CT2858-001  Nike Gore Tex

Shh. Are you still there? A light Air Force was also available last season in the GORE-TEX® collection. Maybe it's something for you too? Here you can check out the retailers who still have the sneakers in stock!