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New episode De Grote Tim & Tom Sneaker Show - with guest Touzani

September 2, 2023 4:00 PM
New episode De Grote Tim & Tom Sneaker Show - with guest Touzani

De Grote Tim & Tom Sneaker Show is coming out with a new episode. On Sept. 1, 2023, you can watch the next episode on the Sneakerjagers YouTube channel. In this show, Tommy Triggah and Tim Beumers will talk to various guests about noteworthy things happening in the sneaker world and share personal stories. The upcoming episode will feature Soufiane Touzani as a guest.

De Grote Tim & Tom Sneaker Show

Every two weeks, Tim Beumers and Tommy Triggah bring you a brand new episode of 'De Grote Tim & Tom Sneaker Show'. In this podcast, they not only bring you the latest sneaker releases and news, but also share fascinating stories. They are not alone, though: each episode they welcome a special guest to the table to join them for discussions and lively conversations about all things sneaker-related.

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Soufiane Touzani

In the next episode, Soufiane Touzani joins the table. Born in Rotterdam, he is best known for his skills in freestyle football. In his youth he played for clubs like Feyenoord and H.F.C. Haarlem, but unfortunately he got injured in his back, where scoliosis (the crooked growth of the back) was diagnosed. As a result, he was no longer allowed to play football on the field, but he was allowed to do kick-ups. This marked the beginning of his freestyle career. The 'King of Nutmegs' shared his tricks on YouTube and soon received more than 100 million views on his videos.


For his YouTube channel, he also visited guests such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Arjen Robben, Sergio Ramos and Robin van Persie. But it didn't stop there for him. On RTL 7, Soufiane got his own program called 'Tiki Taka Touzani'. He now has his own production company, clothing line & foundation. Recently he founded the biggest online football club of the Netherlands FC STRAAT. With the goal to let everyone play (street) football more.


Next episode

Tim and Tom discuss the latest news about sneakers with Soufiane Touzani. In addition to topics related to sneakers, Touzani also shares personal stories from his career. The show airs every two weeks on Sneakerjagers YouTube channel, but that's not all: you can also listen to the show as a podcast on Spotify and iTunes.

The episode with Touzani is now available to watch on the Sneakerjagers YouTube channel. Tune in and click on the video below to watch the episode!

As a bonus, Tim and Tom also discuss the weekly releases on the Sneakerjagers Instagram account and snippets from the show can be viewed on the YouTube channel.